American Hospital Commended for Healthcare Tech Innovation


By Emma Okonji

Healthcare professionals across the country have continued to shower encomium on American Hospital, a leading private hospital for its wide range of technological innovation in healthcare services at the just concluded Medic West Africa conference and exhibition in Lagos.

The hospital expressed confidence towards introducing new technological benchmarks of excellence for the Nigerian medical industry while introducing Nigerians to a wide range of its US standard healthcare services, including their Heart and Vascular Centre, Cancer Care Centre, and Cosmetic and Dermatology Services.

According to senior executives of American Hospital, their presence at the event demonstrates the hospital’s deep commitment in recognition of the needs of Nigerians and for the people looking the latest technological healthcare services and treatments. In line with this, their aim was to explore the unique needs of the patients of Nigeria and service gaps that need to be addressed. The major focus during the conference was the showcase of its latest offerings and state-of-the-art treatments like the Cancer Care Centre.

CEO, American Hospital Dubai, Peter Makowski, said: “We are dedicated towards providing quality healthcare according to the highest international standards to all people, and our participation in this vital medical conference has helped us further showcase our facilities and reach a wider network of people that we are positive has benefitted from it. We are deeply grateful for this opportunity and support the efforts of Medic West Africa to enhance the medical sector in the region. We are glad we have been able to identify some of the needs of the patients in Nigeria and we will therefore custom tailor some our services to reflect current trends and ensure the well-being of the community.”

The American Hospital Dubai is an acute care, general medical/surgical hospital whose mission is to provide high quality American standard healthcare that meets the needs and exceeds the expectations of the people around the world.