Bauchi Gov Signs 7 Bills into Laws, Calls for Cooperation among 3 Arms


Segun Awofadeji

Bauchi State Governor Mohammed Abubakar has called for greater understanding of the cooperation needed between the three arms of government, legislature, executive and the judiciary in order to provide good governance in democratic Nigeria.

Abubakar also expressed confidence that with the political will and sincerity of the federal government in prospecting for oil and gas, Bauchi will soon join the oil producing States.

Governor Abubakar who made this call yesterday while signing into law 7 executive bills passed by the Bauchi State House of Assembly explained that all the laws were meant to legalize the establishment of institutions that have been operating without enabling laws establishing them, ease the process of providing infrastructure to the people, widen and increase sources and process of internal revenue generation, amend others laws to meet the present realities and raise the performance of public institutions in good service delivery.

He said the judicial and executive arms do their works only when the legislative arm has completed its own, pointing out that the executive translates such laws passed by the legislature while the judicial arm serves as interpreter of the laws.

According to the governor, since government alone cannot adequately and effectively service the needs of the people it becomes imperative for the government to explore ways of attracting private individuals into a partnership with it since it was left with meager resources accrued from the federation accounts after payment of workers’ monthly salaries.

“This explains why we need this law on private-public partnership that gives our prospective investors to come into a partnership with us and provide critical infrastructure to our people. Signing this bill into law therefore eases the process of providing such needed infrastructure as investors will be attracted to private-public partnership which the law regulates now regulates,” the governor explained.

He said the Law to Prescribe the Levies that may be collected by Law Government Councils in Bauchi State, Regulated the Administration of such Levies and for such other Matters is meant to ease and sanitize internal revenue generation, especially by “local government councils since I have directed the Council Chairmen to use the revenue they generate internally to pay their own salaries. Quite a number of the local government councils have already set up task forces to collection of revenue that goes a long way in boosting the financial status.”