Firm Introduces Alternative Fuel for Car, Generator


Banner Gas, a brand of Banner energy has introduced to the Nigerian market a Liquified Petroleum Gas (LPG), to serve as a substitute and cheaper fuel for powering cars and generators.

This initiative followed the costly impact of the high cost of Petroleum Motor Spirit (PMS) on cars and generators, especially for manufacturing industries and businesses.

According to the Chief Executive Officer of Banner Gas, Mr. Nuhu Yakubu, the new product, which can be installed on generator and car at a pocket friendly bill, represents a model for solving the problem of shortage of cleaner and efficient energy, especially with the high cost of PMS, its health implication and the regular scarcity experienced in the country.

While hosting dealers at a franchise conference in Lagos, Yakubu added that the policy direction of the present administration which encouraged alternative fuel use, had made it imperative for Nigerians to take advantage of the innovation, which he said was locally produced, hence did not put pressure on the dollars, as against the conventional PMS.

Shedding more light on the benefits of the product, the CEO noted that “by switching to the latest, there will be no need to service your car more than once in a year, as against the routine monthly servicing that comes with the conventional fuel.

“The scheme, with attendant benefits for employment generation, technical skills acquisition and wealth creation, is one of the gains of the present administration’s policy on partial deregulation of the petroleum downstream sector.Considering the abundance of LPG supply in Nigeria, with its benefit as being clean and affordable replacement fuel for petrol (PMS), kerosene, diesel, LPFO, HPFO, fire wood, coal, sawdust and other unclean and environmentally unfriendly fuels, the launch sounds a welcome relief in response to the positive direction for energy policy of the federal government.”

The company which also announced the Franchise Retailership Scheme of the product, said its had arranged up to 100 delivery vans for door-to-door LPG delivery operations across the country.

This development, according to Banner Energy Head of Operations, Mr. Ade Makinde , will make for easier access to the product by the members of the public.

“The door-to-door LPG (cooking gas) delivery scheme aims at creating maximum connectivity to end users , including homes, hotels, eateries, schools, laboratories, factories, etc, along with related connection accessories, around its filling plants localities across the country.

“The scheme’s maximum penetration strategies aim to deepen demand for the product by end users, and expand operating space for more skilled workforce participation, employment generation and wealth creation in Nigeria’s LPG industry,”Makinde stated.