Orji Wants Opposition Parties to End Mudslinging


Emmanuel Ugwu, Umuahia

Senator Theodore Orji has urged opposition politicians in Abia State to stop mudslinging and face their political woes instead dragging his name to their failed political ambitions and heating up the polity in the state that needs concerted efforts to move forward.

Orji, who represents Abia Central at the National Assembly made the call following strings of attacks by his adversaries including former governor, Orji Uzor Kalu, a chieftain of APC, Benjamin Apugo and former state chairman of PDP, Tony Ukasanya.

Senator Orji was accused of having a hand in their respective political misfortunes and ordeals in the hands of EFCC.

But in a statement signed by his media adviser, Don Norman Obinna, Orji lashed out at his accusers saying that the penchant to link him with every misfortune of his opponents was “a product of idleness, bitterness and envy.”

But Orji, who denied having a hand in Apugo’s arrest by the EFCC, said that the anti-graft agency had “actually acted on order of a court in a petition written on March 24, 2014 from Falana & Falana Chambers to the Chairman of EFCC over a fraudulent land deal.

“Apugo should stop the deceit and prove his innocence before the court and stop seeking for sympathy using Sen. Orji’s name,” the statement said, adding that the land deal involved compensation paid by the federal government over a land acquired for a project.

Orji advised his opponents to learn to live with his rising political profile as there was nothing more they could do to diminish him even though it has apparently become the norm in Abia for any politician or individual to launch attacks on him in order to revive his dead political career or just to be heard.

He challenged his predecessor to take an inventory of infrastructural projects left behind by each of them during their respective tenures as Abia chief executives, noting that Kalu’s achievements would pale woefully in comparison to his legacy projects.

“Instead of making himself public spectacle, Kalu should tell the world what he achieved in his eight years of misgovernment in Abia State. All conspicuous projects and infrastructures in Abia State today are the products of Sen. Orji’s visionary leadership,” the media adviser said.
“Kalu should tell us that which is ascribable to him, let the world compare and contrast to ascertain who among them performed better as Abia State governor.”