Epic Hausa Series, Kukan Kurciya Debuts On StarTimes


StarTimes has announced the launch of a new Hausa epic TV series “Kukan Kurciya”on the popular Hausa channel ST Dadin Kowa on StarTimes channel 162/404.

Featuring popular award winning Kannywood diva, Hannatu Bashir as star actress, Kukan Kurciya hits Dadin Kowa every Saturday at 7 p.m from 13 August 2016.

“Kukan Kurciya” is a new pulsating action packed adventure series set in old Northern Nigeria, vividly depicting an epic battle between kingdoms over land, cattle, women, river and natural resources. The movie is shot in the ancient towns of Kaduna, Zaria and other historical locations in the North. It is indeed a series that will keep you glued to your seat.

In the Series, Hannatu relives the famous Queen Amina of Zazzau with much zeal and gusto riding horses with a very dangerous spear to fight enemies. The story also revolves around love, fight, revenge, betrayal and suspense. It chronicles fierce battle between two clans, fighting over leadership of the kingdom. It all started after the death of a king who was very rich. His relatives battle the children over resources, the relatives then devised means to dismantle the family, making the children run for survival. One of the kids grew up to become the flag-bearer in the kingdom.

The series parades a galaxy of stars including Zahradeen Sani, Al-amin Buhari, Sadi Sawaba, and Hawwa Waraka, El- Abdul, Ladidi Tubless and Hannatu Bashir. Hannatu who also played prominent roles in Hausa film series like ‘Dare Biyu’, ‘Mairo’, ‘Kukan Kurciya’, ‘Hindu’ and other high budget films, promises her fans to expect ample of suspense, intrigue and passion in the series, as she added that the movie “Kukan Kurciya” is setting a standard that can hardly be beaten.
Other Interesting programmes on ST Dadinkowa are: Yan Zamani, showing on Sundays; NauyiMai Dadi, showing Monday to Friday; and Mace Acikin Iyalin Masu Takubba, showing Monday.