Buratai Underscores Importance of Logistics to Warfare


Chiemelie Ezeobi

Having recognised that one of the successes behind military warfare is buoyant logistic support, the Chief of Army Staff (CoAS), Lt. General Tukur Buratai, has said military operations are conducted on a tripod of strategy, tactics and logistics.

Buratai made this disclosure as the recent batch of 20 officers of the Nigerian Army and the Nigerian Navy, who were trained on logistics support, graduated from the Logistics Staff Course (LSC).

The recipients, comprising 19 Nigerian Army officers and one Nigerian Navy officer, had begun the 31-weeks intensive course on January 8, 2016 at the Nigerian Army College of Logistics (NACOL),

At the graduation held in Lagos, Buratai, who was the special guest of honour, commended the college for striving ahead despite daunting challenges.
Buratai said, “Since inception, the Nigerian Army College of Logistics has carved a niche for itself as the centre of excellence for the training of logisticians. The numerous achievements of the College with respect to training and various research inputs into the Nigerian Army policies, despite its numerous challenges are commendable.

“I am personally happy with the progress being made in this College. Military operations as you are aware are conducted on a tripod of Strategy, Tactics and Logistics. It is difficult for the tripod to stand properly if any of the legs is missing.

“Therefore, talking from the point of logistics in relation to the tripod, a robust logistics plan is imperative for good strategy and sound tactics to succeed. This underscores the importance of Nigerian Army College of Logistics to the Nigerian Army.

“The contemporary security challenges facing our dear nation has made the development of middle cadre officers on the rudiments of logistics crucial.

“In the past decade, we have witnessed dramatic changes in the conduct of our operations from conventional to asymmetric warfare which necessitates the development of competent logisticians to meet this reality.

“One way of doing this, is training of our officers on modern concepts and techniques in the field of logistics which would enable them to acquire the requisite skills for sound logistic support at all levels.

“To the graduating students, you should count yourselves lucky to pass through this institution at this point in time, in our quest to improve on service delivery.

“The knowledge you have gained from the lectures, presentations and discussions as well as the exposure garnered from visits has equipped you with adequate knowledge of the science of logistics.

“This I believe has sufficiently prepared you to respond to any logistic problem appropriately. I therefore congratulate you for completing the Course and commend those officers who have distinguished themselves by winning awards.”

Also speaking, NACOL Commandant, Major General Joseph Orokpo, said the graduation ceremony formally marks the successful completion of yet another Logistics Staff Course, after 31 weeks of intense training and academic activities.

He said, “The Course is designed to train middle cadre officers and supporting staff in the preparation and execution of logistics plan in support of formations up to corps level.

“This is done by developing their understanding and application of modern strategic management concepts appropriate to defence logistics, improving their professional skill in the acquisition of military hardware as well as planning and providing efficient logistics support for the NA and Peace Support Operations.

“To the graduands, I must commend you for the untiring efforts you have put in to ensure that you qualify for the prestigious award of passed logistics staff course (plsc). You must carry on with the same spirit in addressing the numerous challenges that you are bound to meet as you make progress in your respective careers.

“The course you have just completed has equipped you to cope with most challenges you are likely to face in your future career. As you go back to the field, you will be required to combine practical experience with the staff and management skills that you have acquired.

“The college has laid a solid professional foundation for you to make timely and informed decisions. We also prepared you to fulfil suitable logistics appointments in your respective Services.

“It is now up to you to build on this knowledge through self-development efforts and reposition yourself for the tasks ahead. On behalf of the staff of the college, I say congratulations and wish you all the best in your career.

“Special congratulations go to the student officer from the Nigerian Navy (NN). As you go back to the NN, remember to be a good ambassador of the college and continue to sustain and nurture the friendships you have developed here with your colleagues and members of staff.

“I will also like to extend my congratulations to you Nigerian Army officers for successfully scaling an important hurdle in your careers. However, do not rest on your oars for the journey to the top is still tedious.

“You must strive to improve yourselves and keep abreast with developments not only in your immediat