FG Recognises Jordana USA Products as Owner of ‘JORDANA’ Trademarks in Nigeria


Crusoe Osagie

The federal ministry of industries, trade and investments has through its commercial laws and ethics department, confirmed Jordana USA Products Nigeria Limited, a subsidiary of Eugenco Intercontinental Cosmetics Group as the only company recognised by law to use, market or trade with the name ‘JORDANA’ as its registered Trademark anywhere in Nigeria.

This exclusive right of ownership came with the issuance of Trademarks Certificate No.004247 in respect of the ‘Jordana’ range of cosmetics and other allied products, and was duly collected by the chief executive officer of Jordana USA Products Limited, Chief Eugene Akubue who thanked the ministry and promised to uphold his company’s philosophy of being law abiding with decent practices for which the coveted document was given.

While displaying the trade mark certificate before journalists in his office recently, Akubue also noted that “We live in a country where people want to reap where they did not sow . Consider the huge monetary and other forms of challenges we encountered trying to introduce and establish a completely new and unknown product in the Nigerian market since 2003. From registration to promotions which include media, door-to-door sales with sampling, then you hold seminars; attend exhibitions and so on and on. The expenditure is so enormous running above N250million during the thirteen years period. Therefore, anybody can notice that the future of the brand in the country is very fantastic and decide to start circulating similar or fake make-ups with the same name as Jordana USA. Truth is that we are Jordana USA and the original owners of the trademark. This certificate is our proof”.

Despite the heat and frustrations generated by the struggle, the Eugenco’s boss says he was excited over the hidden benefits of this type of competition which he describes as blessing in disguise: “I am glad that this war of supremacy has turned into a sort of blessing in disguise because, apart from awakening and equipping us to strongly rise in defense of our own, it brought untold popularity to the brands, and the benefits will soon come to us, especially now that we have moved from Lagos Island to our permanent office/show room at Trade Fair Complex.”

When asked to shed more light on his future plans to take over the make-ups market in Nigeria, he lamented that the influx of fake products, the long drawn battle of ownership, and the need to complete and secure all the necessary registration certificates – all contributed to the slowdown of sales and promotional activities. But following the arrival of the trade mark certificate, the company will soon launch a nationwide campaign which the details will soon be made public.