Clarification on How to Determine Your Baby’s Sex


One on One

I recently came across one of your old articles titled: “How to Determine the Sex of your Baby” in THISDAY Newspaper; I hope to get some clarifications from you on the subject matter.

In the said article, you hinted that to have a male child, intercourse should occur closest to ovulation but in the same breath you also said that having sex two to three days to the day of ovulation or beyond will most likely result in the formation of a female-child.

I am confused because in the next paragraph you then said that male seeking couples will have to time their intercourse to fall on the exact day of ovulation or at most a day before/after ovulation day.

Please clarify me because if having sex between 2-4 days before ovulation may result in a female-child as mentioned, why should having a male-child be on the exact day of ovulation or beyond and why will it not result to a female-child?

Another question that also requires clarification is: is there any specific style of having intercourse that determines a male-child? This is because it was mentioned in the article that the “face-face”, so-called ‘Missionary’, sexual position, determines a female-child.
Thanking you for your quick response

Dear Jude,
I recommend that you re-read the said elaborate article on “How to Determine the Sex of Your Baby” or better still look out for my upcoming book on the subject matter, a compilation of my previous write-ups on the subject. Without being immodest, the article is quite straightforward with some patient follow through you will be well clarified.

As for appropriate sexual position to determine the sex of a child at conception, I should stress that this is not a major factor for sex determination but could be relevant if the timing is correct.

The relevance of certain sexual position is to the extent that they facilitate the chance of the sperm cells (who do not strive well in acidic medium) escaping the hostility of the vagina acidic fluid as they allow the ejaculated semen to get closer to the womb entrance (cervix), this is particularly true for the male child-forming-sperm cells. Hence, sexual position from the rear increases the chances of survival of the pro-male baby forming sperm cells, while the face-to-face position aids their demise and the survival of the more resilient female-child-forming sperm cells; there are other reasons for this, which are beyond the present scope of discourse.

Due to constraint of space, I’m unable to answer your questions more comprehensively as deserved but you can as well look forward to an updated of the said write-up on this paper in the not-so-distant future.