The Brilliant Feat of Scholarship by Ex-agitators


The brilliant performance by some ex-agitators from the Niger Delta who graduated recently from British universities is an eloquent testimony to the great potential of the country’s youth.

It also bears testimony to the huge possibilities in peace and development open to Nigeria if its leaders can engage in sincere efforts to reclaim young people from pursuits incentivised – consciously unconsciously – by idleness and insensitivity on the part of the state.

Nicholas Goodness and Terubein Fawei graduated from the University of Bedfordshire with First Class Honours in public relations, and telecommunications and networking engineering, respectively.

And Lucky Azibanagein graduated, also with First Class Honours, in mechanical engineering and robotics from the University of Liverpool. Eighteen others graduated with Second Class Honours, Upper Division in various disciplines.

The graduates, who had turned their backs on armed struggle and embraced an amnesty offer by the federal government, were sponsored under the latter’s Niger Delta Amnesty programme. – Vincent Obia