Economy, Security: Nigeria Needs a Saviour Now, Says Apostolic Cleric


Sunday Okobi
Going by the economic, security and other challenges facing the country presently, the leadership of the Apostolic Faith Church West and Central Africa has called on all Nigerians to embrace God as the only Saviour who would pull the country out of this present biting condition.

The church noted that in building a strong, equitable and peaceful society, it is important that the people desire godliness and righteous living because when God is happy with the godly, the nation prospers.

While addressing journalists yesterday on their forthcoming annual Camp Meeting taking place at Faith City convention ground, Igesa, Ado-Ota Local Government Area of Ogun State, between August 7 and 28, the West and Central Africa (WECA) District Superintendent of the Apostolic Faith Church, Rev Bayo Adeniran, insisted that Nigeria is in dire need of divine intervention and transformation now.
According to him, “Ours is a nation in dire need of a saviour, a true change and transformation in all facets of her socio-political and economic growth.

The word ‘Change’ has assumed new meaning in today’s Nigeria than it had a year ago. But I want to assure you that, yes, the word may have a dire and foreboding meaning to people, but if we put on trust in the unchanging and unchangeable God, He would give us grace that would be sufficient to take us through these critical times with songs of victory in our mouth.

“The confused state of out ailing economy, social insecurity, sectional conflicts among others, are a pointer to the imperatives of a divinely assured intervention. God in His wisdom has brought us together from various background, ethnic, culture and social leanings into a strong, indivisible nation.

“However, this relationship has over the years been threatened by sin-inflicted malaise, such as greed, corruption, distrust, violence, crime of unfathomable magnitude among others. Today, our dear country is on the precipice of economic recession, social and infrastructural imbalance.”

Adeniran however asked Christians, that although time changes, whether their relationships with God have change? Adding that that and other like considerations would form the focal point to ponder for the faithful in this year’s international camp meeting with the theme ‘The relationships of the Godly’,

He noted that the convention as well as the theme is “to awaken our consciousness on the need for every citizen of this country to genuinely turn unto God and bring forth fruits for repentance (Matthew 3:8). Godliness is an essential attribute of a regenerated soul who has had an encounter with God, whose mind is set always on doing the will of God, having been saved and delivered from his life of sin.

“Being Godly is to depart from evil and to have the spirit and fear of God implanted within. The outward reflected of which manifest in our actions, daily conducts, activities, interactions and relationship with other members of the society.

“In building a strong, equitable and peaceful society, of no less importance is the need for us to desire godliness and righteous living at the very base of our relationship. God is not only happy with the godly; His ears are ever attentive to his prayers (Psalm 4:3; 32:6).”

The cleric who addressed the conference alongside other leaders of the church, said: “Let me note that the annual camp meeting at Faith City located along Atan-Agbara road in Igbesa, Ado-Odo/Ota, remains a critical part of our yearly spiritual calendar, as it often marks the close of the former and the beginning of a new spiritual year. It is a special season we all cherish and look forward to, as Ministers, workers and members of the Apostolic Faith Church across Africa and beyond.

“As it is our usual practice, the camp meeting will hold between August 7 and 28, 2016. The theme for this year’s event is ‘The Relationships of the Godly, among others. The three-weeklong events will witness greater outpour of the divine blessings and manifestation of the power of God beyond human comprehension. As it has been the case with previous programmes, souls shall be saved, delivered, transformed and empowered for greater accomplishment.”