Finance and Lifestyle Magazine Hits News Stand


By Chinazor Megbolu

A premium quarterly finance and lifestyle magazine known as Market Digest that provides maximum exposure for selected brands is now available in Nigeria news stand.
The Publisher, Market Digest Nigeria Limited, Mr. Esele Walter Odion said during the unveiling ceremony in Lagos recently  that  the magazine is a premium quarterly finance and lifestyle magazine that provides maximum exposure for selected brands.
“In terms of quality we are undoubtedly one of the best, if not the best local print publication. The magazine production is driven by advertisements not by sales. We have relationships with courier companies”.

“So immediately after publication we distribute 70 per cent to the desks of high net worth individuals and senior management of all multinational and local companies as well as the places where this high net worth individuals go to like, Airport V.I.P. lounges, selected hotels chains, golf, polo and boat clubs, ” he said.
He explained the marketing /distribution strategy will be far more valuable for advertising companies that cater to its target market than any other print or online marketing platform.

Odion also pointed out the focus of the publication is simply to create a better platform to connect products and service providers to the right customer and consumer to the content.
“The focus of the publication is to provide relevant information on products and services as well as news and happening to our market segment on a quality platform, “ he said.
He noted the magazine is positioned to serve its markets’ passion and people interested in wealth investment and business tools..

According to him,  the magazine is  targeting the matured citizens of 40 or older high net worth individuals who can afford luxury goods and services, hence, creating value for our advertisers.
“We get advertisements from financial institutions, Real Estate companies, luxury living and related companies, Automobile companies, fashion houses, and travel companies, “he said.
Odion added the initial challenge faced was production quality because they wanted a print quality similar to foreign magazines.
“A printing press will show you a sample and at the end they end up producing something else. We had no choice but to source for a press outside Nigeria to get our desired quality, “Odion said.

On where he sees the magazine in the next 10 years, he said: “In the next 10 years, I see Market Digest Nigeria magazine, being a major player in its niche. We have and will continue to build relationships with the best companies in Nigeria. For us, successful marketing is a relationship driven business driven by creating connections.”