Fani-Kayode Regains Freedom after 67 Days in Detention


  • Says he was severely punished for his political views

After spending 67 days in detention for alleged money laundering, Chief Femi-Fani- Kayode, Director-General of the Goodluck Jonathan Presidential Campaign Organisation was last night freed from captivity.

Fani-Kayode, who was also former Aviation Minister declared after being released from detention in Lagos: “I give thanks to God that I am

free after 67 days in detention. I thank my wife, lawyers, children and friends for all their support. This was the worst experience of my life but God was with me all the way. I suffered immeasurably but I count it all as joy.

“I am innocent of all charges and I look forward to defending myself vigorously in court. These charges are politically motivated and I have been

severely punished for my political views and criticisms of the government. They are trying to silence me, break me, discredit me and destroy but as long as Jesus is on the throne this will never work. I am strong and I am bold and the struggle will continue.

Fani-Kayode was first de- tained without trial for almost 50 days by the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission

The agency had obtained a

14-day remand warrant at an Abuja court. When it expired, it whisked Fani-Kayode to Lagos and obtained another warrant from an Ikeja Magistrate court to keep him for another 21 days.

When this also expired, the former minister was further kept in detention without any holding approval.

Fani-Kayode’s lawyers had earlier served the EFCC notices from a Federal High Court in Abuja on May 20 for the enforcement of his fundamental human rights. But the EFCC ignored this.

He also met all bail condi- tions set by the EFCC, yet, the anti-graft agency refused to release him, an action described by many as a case of gross abuse of court processes and a denial of his fundamental human rights.

The failure to arraign the former PDP Presidential campaign Director for almost seven weeks was seen by many as a bid to continue using underhand tactics to keep him in detention ad infinitum.

Fani-Kayode was eventually arraigned about 16 days on charges of money laundering in a Federal High in Lagos, where he was granted bail.