‘Ogah’s Victory, a Divine Intervention to Liberate Abia People’


The Federal High Court decision ordering the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) to issue Uche Ogah certificate of return as the Governor-elect is a triumph of good over evil.

The spokesman of of the Uche Ogah Campaign Organisation, Monday Ubani, in a statement, said it was an act of God designed by the Almighty creator himself to bring relief and succour to Abia people from tyranny, maladministration and mismanagement of public wealth since the return of democracy.

According to the statement, Abians should rise up and be hopeful that God has finally answered their prayers and relief is on the way.

“Our philosophy is people first. We’ll embrace accountability, prudence and transparency to the state to into a fortress of economic activities. We will correct all the ills of the past and liberate the state from the hostage situation it has found itself.

“This mandate is for you the people. It’s the answer to your cry for freedom from repression. We will rebuild the infrastructure of the state and we will grow the economy and not loot the meagre resources as has been the practice by successive governments.

“We believe that Abia has what it takes to be one of the leading states in the country but has unfortunately been held down by forces of repression,” the statement noted.

The campaign organisation noted that a new dawn has come and Ogah, very successful in his business would bring his experience to governance and turn Abia State around for the better.
“ He has what it takes to deliver on his promise. The time has come for everyone to rally round and rebuke the forces of evil and cast them aside for the sunshine of the new dawn to rise,” the statement noted.