JAYWISE: A Fan Almost Stripped Me Naked Out of Excitement 


Ezerioha Francis, also known as JAYWISE, is an energetic rapper who has a place of his own in the ever-growing music industry. He has worked with Samklef, Sugar boy, Rundatraks, Da genius and more. In this chat with Tosin Clegg, he talks, his career

When did you begin singing?

I can’t really tell but I know I started doing great on stage from JSS1. Back then if I love a song and I don’t know how to sing it, then I’ll just do my version of the song and it will turn out to be better than the original version.

What have been the successes and challenges? 

There have been deals here and there, big events, major awards; a lot of travelling, so many shows, and making money. My first concert had a massive turn out that gave me goose bumps; after the show I got an award as KOC (king of the crowd). The thing is that they don’t know the face but they know the songs, so whenever they hear JAYWISE concert, they turn up well. The challenges are crazy too; you dey vex no be wetin fans wan hear ooo, you must smile or else they tag it as pride; I laugh a lot so I don’t really feel it. My performances are always crazy and, once one of the fans almost striped me naked out of excitement, I had to scream security. I don’t know how to tell fans that music is my hubby and not my career. Music is one of the things I do and it is just that am so great at it.

Who are your role models and who would you love to work with?

Akon has been my role model and he is a great man. I won’t call him a musician; I will call him a diplomat and I will like to have him on a track and work with him. Musically, I will like to work with Akon, Sarkodie, Zeekels, Ok-david, Xbusta, MIc, 2face, Psquare, Phyno, Wizkid and more.

Where do you see yourself in five years?

Playing with my beautiful kids, inspire the world. I pray to be bigger and better.

Tell us about your background?

My name is Ezerioha Francis, JAYWISE, and I’m from Imo State. I’m a graduate of History and International studies from Imo State University (IMSU).