Eko Signature Introduces Sweet Life on Weekends


Eko Signature could be just the place to spend a few hours, especially on weekends. The company has introduced ‘La Dolce Vita’ which means “Sweet Life” in English Language so that patrons will be able to enjoy a chic setting and delicious Italian delicacies. An immense array of menu is clearly served sufficed with music and dance.

Every Friday evening a live band plays at the restaurant. Here you can see most comprehensive show of all the movie stars like Elizabeth Taylor and Agatha Franklin while dinning with your loved ones.

Launching “La Dolce Vita” last weekend, Eko Signature Manager Gioacchino Liguori said customers will feel right at home at the hotel. “The offerings include entertainment and special menu. Everything is fresh and cooked with passion,” he said.

He said: “I am Italian. I arrived here two years ago and we have changed the Italian kitchen. We have well-thought menu and the presentation is very good. I sit down with our Italian chef and we design the menu. You can tell we cook with love.”

Liguori who said the new addition will appeal to both local and international guests, also stressed that cost is affordable. Already, he said the new product draws on Americans, Europeans, Lebanese as well as Nigerians.

“The Signature appeals to both Italians, Russians, Americans, Lebanese as well as our Nigerian customers as we boast a multi-culture restaurant,” he said. Adding: “For our Nigerian customers the restaurant offers Italian food including seafood and chicken; we jazz it up with chili pepper.”

Eko Signature is situated within Eko Hotel & Suites, less than 5- minute walk from the hotel’s  increasingly popular Eko Expo Centre. Eko Signature boasts some of the amenities associated with luxury brands that the hotel’s officials described it as “unpretentious luxury.”

The Signature boasts a butler service available on request, room service spa, restaurant and a bar among other amenities. Originally, the parent company, Eko Hotel Limited, had 654 rooms.  The new facility now brings it to a total of 825 rooms.