The Ethnik Collection by Tunde Owolabi


The collection is inspired by culture. Ethnik is an eclectic and vibrant collection of afro-centric fashion and home accessories, sneakers, boots and sandals, all handmade from aso oke. Created with today’s fashionistas in mind, Ethnik is re-imagining aso oke within Africa’s contemporary fashion landscape at home and in diaspora. Regarded as the fabrics of kings, aso oke is equated with royalty and originates from Yoruba culture.

Ethnik aims to redefine aso oke without taking away from its originality. Make it accessible to trendsetters across Africa’s urban cities without losing its regal and luxurious personality.
A A fusion of fashion, art and culture, Ethnik is about cultural affirmation at a time when it is increasingly important to tell the world who you are through your heritage. Ethnik expresses elegantly the beauty and opulence of a people’s culture and history, and reiterates that aso-oke known for its versatility, durability and longevity stands out in a multitude of fabrics.

About Tunde Owolabi
Founder and creative director of Ethnik. Tunde Owolabi is an artist, photographer and designer. He is the founder of Tunde Owolabi Studios. As an artist, he has participated in group exhibitions including Lines and Colours (2003), Inner Thoughts at the Nimbus African Art Centre (2004), Working with Communities, a Guinness group exhibition (2004), and Gods of This Age at Didi Museum. His first solo exhibition, African Elegance was at the Battersea Art Gallery, London (2009). His commissioned works can be found at the Hungarian Embassy and Nigerian Stock Exchange. AsoOke – The Woven Beauty was his second solo exhibition in 2014. Tunde lives and works in Lagos, Nigeria.