New Device for Malaria Test Unfolded in Akwa Ibom


By Okon Bassey in Uyo

The search for effective diagnosis and treatment of malaria in the country has led to the invention of a new device called Deki Reader by an African-American led non-governmental organisation, Africare.

This is coming as America Oil giant, ExxonMobil, claimed that it has contributed more than $150 million to tackle the impact of malaria infection in Nigeria.

The new device for malaria analysis brought in by Africare in collaboration with a Canadian technology company, Fio Corporation will be put to use in Akwa Ibom and Rivers communities.

Africare’s Director, Malaria Programme, Dr Patrick Adah who unfolded the new device yesterday in Ndue Eduo Health Centre in Eket local government area of Akwa Ibom sheath light on how the device would be useful in malaria diagnosis in the country.

In demonstrating the use of Deki Reader, Adah argued that the latest device was more effective and reliable than the rapid diagnostic test (RDT) currently in use in Nigeria as it had the advantage of eliminating human error in the reading test results.

According to him, the test results captured by Deki Reader could be accessed by authorised personnel of the Ministry of Health and other stakeholders in the elimination of malaria in Nigeria.

Africare, he said will commence training of personnel from 30 health facilities on the use of Deki Reader in ExxonMobil host communities of Eket and Ibeno on May 3.

He explained that the training exercise will involve the training of master trainers and another 62 end users to be selected from the two local government areas of Eket and Ibeno.