Tinubu’s Son, Seyi, Hooked by Lebanese Bride


“A man in love is incomplete until he has married. Then he’s finished,” claimed Zsa Zsa Gabor, Hungarian-born U.S actor; but with this, Seyi Tinubu passionately differs. He has found the love of his life and contrary to Gabor’s assertion, he won’t be finished now that he is planing married, he will be complete.

Of the many torments that lie in the small circle of the wedding ring, none could scare Seyi and Layal from solemnising their love in holy matrimony. Seyi Tinubu will marry Layal Holm because he saw forever in her eyes. Until their union, they were like jagged pieces of two glass hearts yearning for their missing parts. Then they found each other and fit perfectly in place. The first moulded with the second and in the heat of the moment, held from head to toe.

A perfect masterpiece, a love so high it despises going low. Little wonder the son of Asiwaju Bola Tinubu, two-time Governor of Lagos State and All Progressives Congress (APC) leader, is determined to wed Layal, the woman of his dreams. The journey up the boulevard of matrimony began on Friday, November 6, 2015 in faraway Ghana. Seyi, in the Aburi town of Akuapim South Municipal District, in the Eastern region of South Ghana and about 45 minutes from Accra the nation’s capital, proposed to Layal over a candlelit dinner at Lansdown Resort. Seyi allegedly went on one knee and asked the very surprised but highly elated Layal to marry him.

The latter agreed and thus began the flurry of plans and activities that would herald their wondrous wedding ceremony. Seyi is a Law graduate. He acquired his LLB degree from the prestigious University of Buckingham, United Kingdom. He acquired his Masters in Corporate & Commercial Law at the same university where he came out on merit. Layal on the other hand, is of Lebanese and Nigerian descent. She is said to be a brilliant consultant at foremost auditing firm, PriceWaterhouseCooper (PWC). The 25-year-old is a graduate of Political Science and African Studies at the SOAS (School of Oriental Studies) University of London. She also has a Masters in Entrepreneurship & Business Management from the University of Surrey.

For the umpteenth time, mischief-makers are at their devious best. Like emissaries of mayhem and eternal doom, they have gone to town once again, spreading malicious news about Siji Ogundele aka Sujimoto. They are alleging that the young, upwardly mobile entrepreneur and philanthropist is a scammer. According to them, the dashing young dude and brain behind LorenzoBySujimoto real estate project, nurses a conscious knack for being duplicitous and economical with the truth. And the reason is not far-fetched: rumour has it that, his much-hyped tallest residential luxury apartment in Lagos tagged Lorenzo By Sujimoto, which he allegedly conceptualised in the upscale Bourdillon area of Ikoyi is a mirage.

According to emissaries of malice and dark humour, Lagos government did not approve such a gigantic building in that zone. They further alleged that Sujimoto has not paid in full for the purchase of the land. The land, which he allegedly planned to contain up to 70 apartments, will need an expansive car park that can accommodate about 210 cars – which is impossible to achieve. But friends of Sujimoto have dismissed the rumour as the figment of imagination of his detractors and enemies of progress. They accuse Sujimoto’s rivals in the real estate industry as the masterminds of the malicious rumour. That it not only beggars belief but a well-choreographed bunch of lies.

Nobody knows the whereabouts of Wole Omoboriowo, the son of late Akin Omoboriowo, lawyer and politician, who was Deputy Governor of Ondo State during the Second Republic. Nobody has seen the man who loomed within the Lagos and Abuja socio-economic milieu like a medieval gladiator having the arena sip from his palms. Back then, when he was running Besse Oil with Kola Aluko, Wole’s words and actions were law and like the fabled Caesar, he held court with astounding elegance and grandeur. Friends and associates worshipped him and he had the ears of the rich and famous. That’s Wole for you. To say that he found favour in the oil sector then would be tantamount to stating the obvious. During his boom time, Wole was one of the foremost big boys in Lagos whose cash reservoir seems to always brim over at every point in time.

Well-heeled and sociable, the dark-hued dude had many ladies skulking for his attention. And he never denied them anything from the abundance of his material and more importantly, physical endowments. Not a few times did ladies lunge for each other’s jugular just because of him. But that did not stop him from enjoying his life to the hilt. It was one of the side attractions of life he must have contended back then. But many years down the line, Wole’s name seems to have been expunged from the social list. He no longer appears at fun spots. Neither does he hang out with his former crowd at hip hangouts. To lend credence to popular assumption, we learnt Omoboriowo has moved out of Nigeria even before the advent of the global economic crisis, making many to wonder in which part of the globe he’s orchestrating a comeback. We heard he is in Ghana.

Friendship should bring gratuitous joy, like the bliss afforded by art or life and the best of guilty pleasures. But in many a friendship subsists great fault. That is because the eyes of a friend often tell lies. Ask Dr. Tunde Ayeni; his inability to discern the depth or shallowness of former EFCC chairman, Nuhu Ribadu’s professed love for him has become his Achilles heel. Despite their friendship, Ribadu affected no scruples sending Ayeni to gaol. The duo, who were erstwhile bosom friends of sort, became estranged to each other in the wake of Diepreye Alamieyesiegha, former Bayelsa governor’s sordid brush with the EFCC. It would be recalled that Ayeni was the former Bayelsa State governor’s lawyer while he was in office. In the wake of EFCC’s crack down on Alamieyesiegha, Ayeni was arrested by Ribadu. Predictably, Ayeni felt betrayed by Ribadu for putting him behind bars despite their long-standing friendship.

Like a practiced pugilist, impervious to death’s dreary sting, Dr. Abisola Sodipo-Clark has shrugged off the hurt of losing her two sons to the grim reaper. After all the cobwebs and dreariness of pain lifted from her shoulders, she encountered peace in the reality of joy and abiding love in her beautiful daughter, Salewa. Yes, Abisola has a surviving daughter but very few people are aware of this fact. A lot of people thought Abisola had been rendered childless after she lost her two sons, Adeife and Akintola, to the cold hands of death. In 2003, her sons were brutally murdered by gunmen in a car belonging to former President Olusegun Obasanjo’s daughter, Iyabo Obasanjo, in Ogun State.

Abisola mourned her loss to the extent that many thought they were her only children. However, the Iyalaje of Oke-Ona and daughter of late Chief Joshua Sodipo has so many reasons to be thankful as her daughter, Salewa, a chartered accountant and overseer of the Adeife Akintola Foundation established in memory of her late brothers, remains her source of joy. Salewa also runs a beauty centre in the heart of Victoria Island. She has grown into a beautiful woman that any man would love to behold. It would be recalled that when her mother, Abisola, decided to marry Ijaw national leader, Chief Edwin Clark, a lot of people jeered at the popular medical doctor. They wondered what she wanted in a second marriage with an 86-year-old man. Regardless of what people said or thought, the couple got married in March 2013. Unknown to the naysayers, Abisola saw what they couldn’t see in the aged politician.

A lot of people might not know, but two of Nigeria’s most accomplished female professionals have a no-love-lost relationship that dates back to many years. Indeed, many, many years is a lifetime to be enemies, but these women – Ayora Bolajoko Kuforiji-Olubi and Otunba Oluwatoyin Olakunrin – might have inwardly sworn to remain so for the remainder of their delightful and sensational existences.

Incidentally, they both enjoy many firsts. Olakunrin is Africa’s first female chartered accountant. Blessed with a razor-sharp intellect, she is a past president of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Nigeria (ICAN) and former president of the Society of Women Accountants in Nigeria (SWAN). Olakunrin was also Chairman of Education Trust Fund.
Elected the first female ICAN President in 1989, Kuforiji-Olubi, on the other hand, is a former Minister of Commerce and Industry, and was the first Nigerian woman to become the Managing Director of an international company in Nigeria, VYB (Nigeria) Ltd. in 1977. Kuforiji-Olubi is also the first female Chairman of United Bank for Africa (UBA). With so much accomplishments and areas of convergence between them, one wonders why they have maintained a cat and mouse relationship. A source that has an idea of their relationship said their rivalry had been evident since the 60s when their professional odysseys started.
As the years went by and as they advanced in age and successes, they felt that they really didn’t need each other. But they always meet at high profile gatherings and when they do, they try as much as possible to be diplomatic. These two matriarchs are now in their 70’s.