Benzeeno: I Get My Rap Inspirations from the Streets


Isaac Akorede Bernard,popularly known as Benzeeno, was born and brought up in Lagos. Benzeeno dives into the indigenous lyrical ingenuity by preaching and rapping about his daily life on the street. He recently penned a five-year deal with Espin Entertainment last week. Following the deal, he dropped a new joint which will be followed up by a video in a couple of weeks. He speaks to Tosin Clegg about his career

How long have you been doing music?

About eight years now. And a Rap artiste and that’s what I have been doing from day one. Many things inspire me to do music because I listen to a lot of rap from 2pac, Biggy, Snoop Dogg and Dr. Dre.

Where do you draw your inspiration from?

Largely it’s from the streets just like every other rapper. Normally, when I write about music I talk more of the streets as I grew up from the streets.

What steps are you taking to attain stardom?

I’m taking many steps as it is. I look at many people in the industry and it’s not that I’m competing with anybody but I’m taking my time studying them. I’m doing my own and I know from now into the next two years, I will get a breakthrough. This would be largely based on the fact that my music is different.

What should your fans expect from you?

They should expect a lot really. And I have been working on different styles of music like afro, dancehall. My new song, ‘Esemi’ is a street slang.

Yes there are challenges but for me there aren’t any.  I’m always set to go and good to go.