40% of Nigerian Women Suffer Endometriosis


Martins Ifijeh
A renowned fertility expert and the founder of Nordica fertility centre, Dr. Abayomi Ajayi has disclosed that about 30 to 40 per cent of Nigerian women and girls are victims of endometriosis in the country, while over 176 million women suffer from the scourge globally.

He said a recent study also revealed that about 11 per cent of women and girls with no symptoms or complaints suggestive of endometriosis were actually living with the disorder in the country, as the women were often unaware of the ailment for years before it is diagnosed by a medical practitioner.

Abayomi revealed these at the Physician roundtable discussion championed by Nordica Fertility Centre for the discovery and networking on the latest trend in treatment and management of endometriosis.

He explained that several women and girls across the country have been silently battling with the disease, even as it cause them so much pain and other discomforts that affect both health and the social lifestyle of the victims.

“Symptoms of endometriosis could be severe pain during menstruation, which may lead to temporary incapacitation. Most times the pain is also intense when the woman is having intercourse,” he added.

Endometriosis, according to experts, is condition whereby the lining of the uterus, called endometrium is found outside the uterus as deposit, and causes intense pain in women, especially during the monthly menstrual cycle and intercourse.

The dangerous disease as described by the expert can cause premature menopause, as well as a broken home when the woman refuses intercourse due to the pain she undergoes during the act. He advocated for early diagnosis of the ailment, as this would help in the treatment and management process.

He condemned the idea of Nigerians traveling abroad for medical attention, saying there were medical technologies in the country to oversee their medical problems and thus exclaimed for partnership between the public and private practitioners to ensure quality medical services are provided in Nigeria.

Also lending his voice, the Commissioner for Health, Lagos State, Dr. Jide Idris, who was represented by the Medical Director and Chief Executive Officer of Lagos Island Maternity Hospital, Dr. Donald Imosemi, expressed his concern for health safety of the people and then pledged partnership with Nordica Fertility Centre and other medical centres to ensure good health services.

He expressed gratitude to the organisers of the roundtable for championing awareness cause of endometriosis, which has silently affected millions of women and girls across the country.