The Unfinished Business: An exhibition by Chinze Ojobo


By Azuka Ogujiuba

Chinze Ojobo, no doubt, is a lover of arts. Her creative mind runs riot when she is in her element. You can’t ignore whatever she spews out from her creative pot.

Recently, she had an exhibition titled, ‘The Unfinished Business’, which was opened by Peterside Dakuku, the new Director General of Nigeria Maritime Administration and Safety Agency (NIMASA). The event was well attended by dignitaries, art lovers and enthusiasts, which included Leo Stan Ekeh, her husband, Tony Ojobo of Nigeria Communication Commission, Shina Badaru one of Nigeria’s respected IT experts, and Chied Frank Oknonta of Nkem gallery.

Now, she sends a poser with her creative message, What happens when a business, a deal or a creative idea is “Unfinished”? What happens if that thought process of unfinished business has been bothering the artist or inventor for about three decades and an eventual manifestation of the near conclusion of the intention is about to be unveiled?

Answers to the above questions is are what Ojobo tried to provide in the solo outing, after almost three decades of experience and exposure. There is no doubt that the artist was undergoing some metamorphosis during these years of creative incubation. The artist’s unique transformation from the hitherto formal paintings elements of strong hues and shades to a more intricate rendition, mostly in installations, is the manifestation of this hibernation. Some of her works, exhibited, are the Girl Child, Social Media, the Seed of Potential,

All about Ojobo…

Chinze is a multi-talented Nigerian artist who studied Fine and Applied Arts at the University of Nigeria Nsukka. Chinze has travelled extensively to cities around the world such as: Accra, Paris, London, Washington DC, California, Virginia, Maryland, New Jersey, Istanbul, Guangzhou and Plovdiv. She has been able to absorb the art and culture of these diverse environments, giving her experiences that have greatly enhanced her limitless repertoire and creative energy. Chinze also studied Interior design in the USA. She also has two post graduate diplomas in Public Relations and Advertising and Business administration.