Peekaboo Productions Releases Debut Movie ‘Fusion’


After almost a decade of positively projecting the industry, Peekaboo Productions, a content development company run by Darlington Abuda, has produced its first major feature film titled ‘FUSION’. The romantic comedy was released in cinemas across Nigeria recently

Fusion is a hilarious yet thought-provoking movie that seeks to provide a positive analysis of newlyweds from a comedic vantage point. The movie, which was released simultaneously across cinemas in Nigeria is being distributed by Silverbird Distribution West Africa and features some of Nollywood’s finest actors, including Ay, Ireti Doyle, Victor Olaitan, Yvonne Jegede, Beverly Naya, Peggy Ovire, Seun Akindele, Bucci Franklin and Naija Fm’s Onoge Tega Ben.

The steamy romantic comedy, which was produced by Darlington Abuda, is written by award winning writer of the Box-office Breaking ’30 Days in Atlanta’, Patrick ‘Koinage’ Nnamani and directed by award winning director, Niyi Towolawi.

Analysing the movie, Darlington Abuda described ‘FUSION’ as a no holds barred movie loaded with excitement, love and laughter and told with a finesse that will keep the movie enthusiast enthralled. He went on to urge all to brace up for a thrilling experience in the cinemas.

‘Fusion’ is a captivating movie based on an everyday story that any couple can relate to. The movie is a romantic comedy that explores the unfolding realities of life that newlyweds experience as they negotiate the dynamic curves thrown at them by the experience called marriage. After an eye-opening honeymoon, three couples return home to begin their life together and are surprised to find out that living together comes with unique pros and cons which their period of courtship did not prepare them for.  They discover that wearing the shoes of husband and wife is totally different from the experience of courtship or dating. One by one they meet seemingly innocuous issues that suddenly look like mountains to them. As these challenges are met and surmounted the couples learn that each marriage is unique and that it is no one-rule solves all.