Fayose and Aluko: A Shameless Pair


Ihave always told you not to bet even an old rag for politicians. They are just not worth it. Their degree of inconsistency in all things is monumental. I can’t stand it. Gosh!
What or who is getting you so pissed off like this?

Are the evidences that they are not reliable persons not overwhelming? Can’t we see their Camelionic nature everywhere we turn? Is it any surprise that they don’t keep their electoral promises?
Don’t forget they have an operational creed that says. “In Politics, there are no permanent friends, nor permanent enemies, only permanent interest”.

Bull shit! Does that mean no personal principle? No self esteem or no shred  of honesty?
Who exactly are you referring to? Don’t forget there are very decent and disciplined politicians as well.

Did you not hear of the Aluko U-turn? How he went back to his vomit by reconciling with the man he accused of all kinds of electoral fraud  last January? Did you remember how that man called Temitope Aluko, former Secretary of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) in Ekiti State literally stripped Fayose bare of his  so-called election victory by revealing the sordid deals that made Fayose to win the election? Have you forgotten the finite details of the schemes that swung that election in PDP favour? Have you forgotten how this same Aluko addressed…
Enough! Don’t forget it is a struggle for power. And the Machiavellian principle supports the end justifying the means. Just any how is ok, provided the ultimate power is grabbed. After that, all else can be settled.

I don’t understand you. Are you justifying the return of Aluko to Fayose?
Do you know that on account of the revelations of Aluko Maj Gen Momoh has been retired prematurely from the Nigerian army? Do you know how many people’s career are on the line because of the revelations? Do you realise how many people Aluko splashed mud on during his confessions? And after all those dirty deals, he goes back to meet the man he accused of these alchemic sins? Is that what you call politics? Or are you saying politics is a synonym for shamelessness?
Wait a minute. The same Aluko has denied going back to want to reconcile with Fayose. Didn’t you read his denial?

That makes him even more shameless. He was caught by a Channels Television  camera in a hotel with Fayose, after a wedding. He spoke for almost five minutes. He defended his action by admitting there have been some pressure on him to make up with Fayose. He said his interest is to move Ekiti forward. Fayose even called him  “ my son”. And that they are together again. Aluko said all kinds of things typical of a turncoat… now he denies seeking reconciliation with Fayose, less than 72 hours after. What kind of man is that?
No permanent friend, No permanent ene…

(cuts in) Away with those retrogressive clichés! Look, after all the things Aluko revealed, Fayose should have resigned. Or at best be shamefully quiet all through the rest of his administration. Rather, he had remained garrulous and noisy, tugging at the presidency like a frustrated school boy crying after bully.
Is it true that the Tope Aluko is heading back to Fayose because the APC where he ran to did not offer him anything tangible? And that because typical politicians cannot endure political winter for a long time?  Is it also true that he had attacked Fayose with his exposé because the latter failed to given him the appointment they had agreed on?

Do I look like Tope Aluko? When next you see him, ask him those questions.
Please spare me this shameless pair.
That’s the way of politics my brother. Haven’t you seen all the alignments and re-alignments across board? Never take politicians too serious. That’s all I can say.