Fayose: 2016 Budget Row Confirms Buhari’s Incompetence, Ineptitude


Olakiitan Victor in Ado Ekiti
Following the controversy between the presidency and the National Assembly over the 2016 budget, Governor Ayodele Fayose  has said the fierce battle has confirmed his allegation that President Muhammadu Buhari
was  clueless and incompetent to rule Nigeria. Fayose said: “Nigerians should expect more blunders like this until they send Buhari back to Daura in 2019.”

The governor, who said it was now obvious that the President and his All Progressives Congress (APC) only wanted power desperately without the wherewithal to govern.

“I warned Nigerians of the consequences of electing an octogenarian as president and with the international embarrassment that this budget crisis has become, I have been vindicated.”
In a statement issued yesterday by his Special Assistant on Pubic

Communications, Lere Olayinka, the governor said: “It is obvious that there is total disconnection between the president and his cabinet members as many of the ministers don’t even have access to him probably because the president spend most of his time resting as a
result of his old age.”

He said; “The reality is that the President is challenged by age, exposure and ability. He did not read the budget proposal that he presented to the National Assembly and this should be a lesson for those who clamoured for a Buhari’s presidency that no man can give what he does not have.

“The question is; can a minister present supplementary budget to the National Assembly and can the National Assembly act on budget proposal submitted by a minister?

“It is shameful that after blaming former President Goodluck Jonathan and the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) for close to one year, the presidency is now blaming the National Assembly for its inability to prepare a common budget.”

The governor commended the National Assembly for exposing the lies and hypocrisy of the presidency, saying it was shameful that President Buhari and his men could blame the National Assembly for their own incompetence.

He called on the National Assembly not to succumb to blackmail and intimidation from the Presidency, saying that the way and manner the Presidency was going about blackmailing and intimidating other arms of government, especially the judiciary should worry lovers of democracy and good governance in the country.
The governor, who declared that Nigeria will no longer be ruled by octogenarians, said: “Nigerians must have now come to terms that I warned them that Buhari is too old to govern a country like Nigeria.”