Ikeja Electric Warns against Cash Payment to Staff


Ejiofor Alike

The Ikeja Electric has cautioned customers against making cash payments to its staff and unveiled new multiple payment channels to enable customers make convenient and seamless payments and purchase of tokens.
The company’s Head of Corporate Communications, Mr. Felix Ofulue, said in a statement that the company’s linesmen, engineers and technicians were not commissioned to receive cash payments of any kind.

“Basically, our Linesmen should not collect reconnection fees, neither are our Energy Sales Representatives (ESR’s) permitted to receive bill payments on behalf of customers. We have therefore embarked on an aggressive “Name & Shame” campaign where parties who engage in this fraudulent act will face prosecution as dictated by the laws of the land,” he said.

Ofulue, who labelled staff and ex-staff who engaged in this illegal act as saboteurs, further urged all customers to resist efforts by any staff to extract monies from them illegally and also report them to the management.
He explained that the new payment options were designed to offer all customers security, greater convenience and choice, and also intended to make the payment process more efficient.

“We are committed to providing our customers with the greatest level of customer service and introducing these multiple secure and convenient payment channels is yet another aspect of our service offering,” he said.
Ofulue explained that with the expansion of the payment channels, the company is addressing the challenges of all category of customers as post-paid customer accounts are credited promptly, avoiding unplanned service interruptions while prepaid customer are provided with more convenient vending channels.

He, however, reminded customers to ensure they collect their receipts as it is the only proof of payment.
He warned that customers who continued to make illegal payments to staff were not only doing so at their own risk, but were also sabotaging the efforts of Ikeja Electric to improve service delivery across her network.

While reacting to the issue of unauthorised technicians and electricians posing as the company’s linesmen, the company spokesman advised customers to ascertain the true identity of staff who call on them on behalf of Ikeja Electric by requesting to see their identity cards.

He noted that all authorised staff would normally display identity cards at all times and be correctly kitted in complete safety outfits, otherwise known as Personal Protective Equipment (PPE).

“Ikeja Electric is a responsible organisation which is accountable to its customers and have put processes in place to ensure the safety of our customers as well as the integrity of the company”, he added.