TECNO’s New UI, HiOS: Hi Fonts on the HiOS Replaced the iFont


iFonts is a well-known font-manager on the Google play store because of it huge repertoire of fonts but it comes with its own risk as the users of this fonts have to have rooted their devices to be able to access it. Rooting voids our guarantee, and in the process of rooting we may get our phone bricked.

If not properly rooted before applying IFonts, your phone may be bricked later with continued use.

It’s different with the Tecno HiOs because it supports lovely fonts by default. The fonts manager on the HiOs is called HI fonts.

This may sound similar to the IFonts on Google play store but they are different. The HiFonts on the other hand doesn’t need rooting to apply as it is pre-installed as part of the features on the HiOS.

For those who love to customize the look of their text with the loveliest fonts one can imagine, the HiFonts is a perfect replacement for IFonts because it doesn’t sell ads, unlike IFonts that prompt many ads to its users. It’s also very convenient to apply with a simple touch on the icon.

There are locally installed fonts styles, but there’s also provision to download more online if you think the ones available by default are not cute enough.

The handwind is beautifully styled, below is a screenshot to show how beautiful this font is on the HiOS