Arewa Group Says Boko Haram Video Suggest Crack Among Terrorists

By Adebiyi Adedapo

The Arewa Youths Integrity Forum (AYIF) has said ‎ the latest video released by the Boko Haram sect,  claiming it hasn’t surrendered suggests a crack among the terrorists.

AYIF also said that the video could have been orchestrated by selfish Nigerians who are determined to ensure that the insurgency continues, adding that some ‘war entrepreneurs’ who defrauded the Goodluck Jonathan’s administration have resurfaced with another trick.

National President of the group, Alhaji Ibrahim Abubakar, said in a statement that the recently released video showed clearly that there was a crack within the ranks of the Boko Haram terrorists.

“The war entrepreneurs that defrauded the Goodluck Jonathan administration to the tune of billions of naira with the claims of negotiation and ceasefire are back to their game of wanting to keep exploiting Boko Haram for monetary gains,” he said.

According to Abubakar, it was a fortunate thing that the Nigerian Army and indeed the military dismissed the indirect call for a truce and pressed on with President Muhammadu Buhari’s orders as Commander in Chief to wipe out the terrorists.

“They will use the two videos as compelling argument to draw the federal government into engaging them as brokers and will thus pocket the proceeds of the media they had carefully set up. The nation must not be led down this path again.

“Furthermore, an equally possible facet is that Boko Haram sponsors, patrons and benefactors who want to rubbish the Army and the Federal Government used paid actors for either of the videos or for both. The intention would be for the Federal Government the Army to become complacent and engage in premature celebration of a seriously battered Boko Haram and consequently slowing down the offensive against the murderers who will then have time to regroup and receive arms and logistics to take on the military.”


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