Senators Reject Buhari’s Emergency Powers Bill, Say It’ll Turn Him into a Tyrant


Omololu Ogunmade in Abuja

The move by President Muhammadu Buhari to secure emergency powers aimed at addressing the nation’s economic crisis may not see the light of the day, as senators yesterday rejected the proposed bill, saying Buhari was seeking to transform himself into a tyrant and would foist a dictatorship on the nation.

The bill entitled, “Emergency Economy Stabilisation Bill 2016”, will be sent to the National Assembly by the president upon resumption from its summer vacation and after the Eid el Kabir holidays.

However, given the reaction of some senators to the proposed emergency powers being sought by Buhari through the bill, the legislation may be thrown out.
Several senators, who spoke to THISDAY monday, vehemently kicked against it, adding that it was “dead on arrival”.

According to the senators, who did not want to be named, some of the provisions in the bill were unnecessary, describing it as nothing more than a subtle way of avoiding counterpart funding by the Buhari administration.

According to them, if the bill is passed as proposed, the president will gradually transform himself into a dictator and draw Nigeria back to the path of military rule, which it exited 17 years ago.

They said without the so-called emergency powers at his disposal, Buhari has continued to trample on the powers of the legislature, explaining that if given further powers, he would more or less reduce the National Assembly to a rubber stamp like the kinds of legislature that exist in China and Russia.

Accordingly, the senators who spoke to THISDAY vowed to kill the bill before Buhari kills the entire legislature and by extension, the nation’s traumatised democracy.

An unnamed government official had disclosed to reporters at the weekend that Buhari would seek emergency powers from the National Assembly to push his planned stimulus for the economy.

The objectives of the bill will include shoring up the value of the naira, job creation, boosting foreign exchange reserves, reviving the manufacturing sector, and improving power supply.

The quest for emergency powers by the executive is the initiative of the economic team headed by Vice-President Yemi Osinbajo, which has been saddled with the responsibility of reviewing various policies in the country and their effects on the economy.

The economic team examined the state of the nation and concluded that there was urgent need to take some drastic decisions that the nation’s extant laws do not provide for.

This assumption by the team was predicated on the belief that the recession might last longer than expected and Nigerians would not get the desired respite, which is the goal of this government.
As provided in the bill, the president is seeking unfettered powers to set aside some extant laws and simultaneously be empowered to come up with an economic recovery initiative within the next one year.

Among others, the bill also seeks to empower Buhari to abridge the procurement process with a view to guaranteeing stimulus spending on critical sectors of the economy; make orders to favour local contractors/suppliers in contract awards; abridge the process of sale or lease of government assets to generate revenue; and allow virement of budgetary allocations to projects that are urgent, without a recourse to the National Assembly.

It also seeks to amend laws such as the Universal Basic Education Commission (UBEC) Act, so that states that cannot access their cash trapped in the commission’s accounts as a result of their inability to meet the counterpart funding can do so.

  • LagLon

    At last at last ..we can see that PMB has joined the chorus to restructure Nigeria…
    …eh? all the power to himself… Chai!!

  • Judith

    Funny man. The scales have fallen from everybody’s eyes. The only thing is, despite this supposed ’emphatic NO’, these house members can no longer be trusted. Anything that will benefit them personally, they will support. Nigerians do not hold your breath.

  • Rick Eson

    We are quick on the mark in condemnation rather than paying attention to the requests content. Is fighting corruption and recouping the looted fund a dictatorship? The corrupt, the looters will surely fight back but they will surely fail. Only the corrupt and looters tendency minded will criticise this FG and it set goals because the corrupts and the looters knows no other means of survival, So it a life or death situation for them.
    The corrupts and looters should find other legal means of survival, it is no longer business asual. Nigeria must move on, with you or without. FG carry on your excellent work. Those that matter recognise your work. those that don’t matter will always be against you and so they are irrelevant. Those that don’t matter think only of their pocket and not the future of our Dear Nation Nigeria. God bless FG God bless Nigeria.

  • igboham

    Buharia provided his party’s manifesto before he was elected. This request will enable him to honour the promises he made to his citizens. He worn the election and the NASS has no mandate to stop him from executing his popular mandate. Nigeria must allow Buharia to govern.

  • Reginald Dandeson

    All the emerging scenarios since May 29, 2015 on all fronts clearly indicate that the APC as a political party did not have any agenda, ideology, economic plan, or even a vision for the country while campaigning for elections. It is now glaringly clear that this party massively deceived Nigerians to believe that they were ready for change through Democratic norms. PMB himself has failed to show that he has what it takes to lead a nation in a fast evolving world. His actions and in-actions show this.

    The party came to power riding on the wings of the people’s goodwill, people who had great expectations. Some of them have already committed suicide out of regret.

    For the fact that Nigerian leaders have a penchant to abuse certain privileges, it would be disastrous to grant the president such powers as now being sought. If he had a good economic team, he wouldn’t be asking for this now. Politics is not all about grabbing power. It is all about solving the problems of society via democratic means, not necessarily by executive fiat. Otherwise, the National Assembly should be abolished.

    If the weight of national and economic management is too much for the president in this modern times, the most respectable and honorable thing to do is to quit the stage. Otherwise, Nigerians owe it to themselves as a duty to vote out the government in 2019. We hope politicians of courage, commitment and selflessness can rise in this country and form another political party as an alternative. The current dispensation is fast becoming a national albatross and needs to be shoved aside for the good of all.

    • Judith

      Beautifully put. He who has ears, let him hear.

  • Ogom

    Buhari wants more power to execute his backward plan? The answer should be a resounding NO!

  • emergency power is all about vagabonds in power

  • The president wants emergency powers. He should CERTAINLY not have it. This is a very dangerous precedent. The reason he needs to pay contractors more than 50% instead of 15% maximum mobilisation is because this government’s bond has no value. Else, if the government awards a contract, banks should jump to fund it. Unfortunately, he used TSA to knee-cap local banks and the banks are unwilling to use the funds they have to back risky government contracts. Buhari is the one that showed the banks that there is no continuity by not honouring many deals of the previous government. For a year contractors idled. The solution is to restore confidence in the government as bankable and not to seek absolute powers to change the rules. Short term fixes come with their problems.
    We have the local content laws in place. It should be enough to favour local contractors. If governments have been finding ways to offer contracts to friends and relatives, I am sure they can extend to local contractors without more powers.
    Our national assets MUST not be sold or leased by executive fiat. This is one place where due process must be followed. Are we to trust that they will not be sold off to cronies as usual – only now with less oversight. Buhari is one man. I don’t trust that his handlers will not abuse the powers.
    Trucking gas does not need additional executive powers. If you want laws amended to save the country, deal with the national assembly. If as a president you can’t get the NASS to work with you, it speaks of your leadership. No emergency powers needed. None should be granted. Previous governments did not need or ask for one, yet they achieved year to year economic growth for 16 years.

  • Lawrence Azubuike

    This is the height of sensational journalism, Thisday, how can you claim that Senators reject a bill that is not even before them. How can the views of one or two Senators represent the views of the entire Senate. Journalism is dead in Nigeria.

  • Marcus Ijele

    One can foresee mass defection of APC, Senators to another vibrant party towards the tail end of their tenure because APC, is doomed. The man is already a tyrant. Wicked and evil. A dog.

  • Lawrence Onyemaechi

    We have Chinese investor that is ready and willing to invest in Nigeria on 100% investors funding but first you need to submit business plan and executive summary on the investment you want our investor to get involved. Please visit our homepage.
    The investment should not be less than US$1 billion. Once you have good business plan is a done deal. Good luck

    • Isaac Oghogho

      Yeah! So that you can use their business plan for yourself or for your Chinese Investors without recourse to the initiator. It’s called plagiarism and theft of someone else intellectual property. At $1bn, you don’t need to advertise here, just direct them to the Federal and State Governments.

  • kalu9909

    The president does not need any emergency legislative power to create job opportunities or to shore up the value of the naira. These are macro economic policies, and the ways to make it possible are already spelt out, and with the collaboration of the CBN, the President can achieve whatever he intends to achieve if he knows his onions. The problem with the President is that those around him are not versatile and sound enough to solve our economic woes. It is not about lacking in arbitrary powers that has hindered him. The instant laws we have now are enough to enhance the ability of the President to succeed. Also, there is law about emergency powers. He has the power to declare state of emergency in any area that needs to be urgently tackled provided that he has the political will to do what is needful. For instance, he can declare state of emergency in the power sector. What he just needs is to direct his energies, time and channeling funds to that sector. Buhari is weak because his arbitrary and military powers have been taken away from him by democratic norms. He is being hindered by the provisions of the constitution, which does not allow him to act arbitrarily. Honestly, I sympathize with him, but there is nothing he can do about it. Give him one mile, he will go 5 miles. Such emergency powers have not been given to him, but he is already acting as such.


      Well said. I hope the presidency is reading these debates/ comments.

  • NinjaK

    “Emergency Economic Powers”?????
    what a decoy…..

    • Judith

      What Cock and bull!

  • femi

    Obviously the senate has been waiting to exact their pound of flesh on the executive. Anything will do. This piece is a hatchet job either to feel the pulse of the public or subtly dose any foreseeable outcry. Now let me be clear that citizens are not ready for politicking but results if some dear to stand in the way. They will go for it.

  • Tonair

    The move is progressive but must be done with every sense of caution. No man has absolute integrity and no man can be given absolute trust. Buhari has not proven from his application of his liberties that He can be fully trusted when granted absolute powers. I remember the case of 53 suitcases. I also know the lopsided appointments in high offices presently. There is tendency for abuse of overriding powers not just by Buhari but also by his kitchen cabinet. In going on with this economic emergency, let all checks and control measures be in place. And let us be vigilant. It could very well lead to tyranny and dictatorship. Our fears are very well founded.

  • Blonde Johnny Bass

    Once a dictator would always be a dictator, his foolish non compromising position on things as a semi illiterate would not allow him to see beyond is nose, power is divided because of people who might want to think they know all and want all power to show nothing. Buhari you are a failure once, twice and forever. You have abuse the system that brought you to power, abuse the people who don’t support you, destroy the nation economy because you don’t have a clue and bring the state of near war on the people all for your personal and selfish gain, you talk corruption while you are kneel deep in it, the hand bag you wife carries would pay the salary of two local government in Lagos, while you are talking about Change? May your road be filled with curses.

  • Mr. A

    Ha ha ha! The road to Zimbabwe. I said it!

  • Ify Onabu

    Remember Decree 2 and Decree 4? Buhari cannot operate in a democratic environment. He still thinks and acts as if he came to power by the barrel of the gun. Pray, why does a President need ’emergency powers’ to deal with a recession? Are all the laws in our constitution and statues not enough to pull Nigeria out of the doldrums?

  • oduduwa

    When a clueless president is ruling, this is what we get. Buhari is an unrepentant dictator who doew not know how to operate under civil conditions. He wants to further bastardize the economy with his tyranny.

  • vincentumenyiora

    [As provided in the bill, the president is seeking unfettered powers to set aside some extant laws and simultaneously be empowered to come up with an economic recovery initiative within the next one year.

    Among others, the bill also seeks to empower Buhari to abridge the procurement process with a view to guaranteeing stimulus spending on critical sectors of the economy; make orders to favour local contractors/suppliers in contract awards; abridge the process of sale or lease of government assets to generate revenue; and allow virement of budgetary allocations to projects that are urgent, without a recourse to the National Assembly.

    It also seeks to amend laws such as the Universal Basic Education Commission (UBEC) Act, so that states that cannot access their cash trapped in the commission’s accounts as a result of their inability to meet the counterpart funding can do so.]

    The problems of Nigeria I said earlier keeps coming – you appear to have finished with one another rears its head and it is happening due to that ‘factor’ I talked about! Last month or early this month we were told about how the ‘Kitchen Cabinet’ head – Alhaji Abba Kayri is of a domineering character and here we are told that the Presidency wants ‘Emergency powers Bill’ passed for him you, wonder is Nigeria under siege; who is going to use or supervise this Bill in the current Nigerian circumstances and you know how things work in Nigeria once approved it becomes difficult to end it and that will open up a new can of warms!

    I am of the opinion why not they find or be advised to find a more conciliatory manner to approach the economic problems and political in Nigeria particularly since you’re dealing with leadership presently devoid of the experience and training you need to develop country like Nigeria’s size and composition, as happened to others that achieved the same level of state/ standard without necessarily working under such powers! emergency provisions!

    The issue is much about what is the nature of the Bill – the scope, and who is going to use it giving that Buhari is of Military background to start with and he had been once as head of state (1983 – 85) and applied or used such right before wrongly! Worse still, we are told that he has a ‘Kitchen Cabinet’ head – a Chief of Staff, who is more of a domineering character not elected by the people so, he is in the Villa at the peril of Nigerians from the report released about his character!

    To grand approval of such Bill may mean a subterfuge for and will result to that my earlier paradox, thus; Allowing you to have a ‘juicy’ drink from our ‘liberty cup’ and you refuse to surrender the cup – when you press that the cup must be returned he let it go on your head berating you as muu-muus – bluffing you in the wake! A pity we are in the situation we are now in the country Nigeria and I said it earlier that; it is more honorable to treat public matters publicly than privately you’ll discover that your integrity would be enhanced and respected!

    To say that I was listening to the NTA’s ‘Good Morning’ discussion about prison terms and conditions in Nigeria and the problems are obvious!

  • dennis

    The president does not need such emergency powers, all he has to do is swallow his pride and re-engineer the intervention Agencies like FERMA, SURE-P etc and make them do what they are set up to do. Chikina!

    • DrPak

      He lacks ideas to use the powers he already has..yet seeks more powers

  • Musa M. Dantsoho

    Wouldn’t Nigerians be happy if the country is turn to be like China and Russia? Presently, the country cannot even be compared to South Africa which became independent just in 1994.

    • KlasJ

      South Africa became self-governing nation in 1934 and fully independent on 31 May 1961. Nigeria (West and East) became self-governing in 1957 and fully independent in 1960.

      End of apartheid rule in South Africa in 1994 is just like end of military rule in Nigeria in 1999

      • share Idea

        Nice one

    • DrPak

      It will only be like China and Russia in oppression..not development…where is the 5k promised youths…where is the housing, power, free school meal etc?
      Where are the extra funds from fuel hike? Suspension of fuel subsidy?

      • Musa M. Dantsoho

        It took the PDP sixteen years to destroy the nation. Uptil May 29, 2015 River Niger bridge is yet to be completed. May be that was not unfulfilled promised by those who promised it execution.

        • Dele Awogbeoba

          PDP did not destroy Nigeria. Nigeria was a mess in 1999 when OBJ took over. It went from an economy of 46 billion $ to an economy of over 600$ in 16 years. Nigeria’s economy went from 49$billion to $46billion dollars between 1980-1999 (a contraction of 3$ billion).

          Please stop saying what you do not know.

    • south africa did not become independent in 1994. apartheid was abolished in 1994, south africa became independent in 1910.

    • viva

      Yes you would like Nigeria to be like China and Russia because he is your brother and you have alot to benefit from his nepotist attitude

      • Musa M. Dantsoho

        You already got your own benefit, then why shouldn’t I?

    • Bright Odigwe

      I know that people from your part do not need freedom of any sought,but we from the other parts appreciates freedom,so you can continue to live like China and Russia in your part and do not drag us along,we are too civilized to be stupid even if we are minorities.Common Sense teaches us that we cannot be happy when been RULED by Animals like Animals,it is your choice to choose to be an animal.What we need is a LEADER and not a RULER(DICTATOR OR TYRANT).

      • Musa M. Dantsoho

        Is it lack of freedom people in other part of the country run to Europe and live as criminals? Ironically, millions of Russians and Chinese prefer to live and die in their own countries, despite Western propaganda on abuse of human right.
        As for the issue of dictatorship and tyrany, I am yet to know of any Nigerian leader not accused of being undemocratic, dictator or tyrant.

  • Ralph

    Nigerians now you can see who has been stifling your growth and welfare — Senators! They are more interested in their powers (for which they only use in procuring ‘committee cars’)

    • Yunus Chiroman


      • Okechukwu Aribeana

        Which gbam? Abeg park well.

    • story for d gods. a fish starts to rotten from d head. whn obj was there, he was d problem, whn gej took over, gej was d problem, nw pmb is there and d senate is d problem, nt pmb. una try. lol. sycophancy

    • J.O. Adeniyi

      Ralph, thank you very much may the Lord increase your wisdom and understanding. Many of those who have commented did not see any good in the President’s proposal, they are the type that wait on the senators for handout. It is clearly stated why he wants the emergency power for one year in order to put the economic situation right and make life easier for all and sundry. This same people have been crying that things are difficult for many, now the president sees it that by putting things through the senators they stiffen it and not allow it to work, to avoid that he has to by pass them to act and get the benefit to all Nigerians. sentiment will not get us anywhere, we must face reality of life. It is true that if you keep on doing the same thing in the way you can never get a different result. People are calling President Buhari names and suggesting he will become a tyrant by making life bearable and enjoyable to us all, he is not a “YES” man that they can push around for their selfish end. If the so-called senators dare to kill the bill, the president has the power to veto it and carry through, and if need be we shall rise up against the senators for misrepresenting us, above all, we elected them.

      • viva

        Una need to wash off the soap from your eyes oo. With the way buhari has been handling issues you guys are yet to see that he does not need absolute power. I have never heard in my life where one head is better than multitude. The senators might be bad but there must be good eggs amongst them

        • J.O. Adeniyi

          Viva, you may be right one head cannot be better than many, but EMMERGENCY situation decision has to be made instantly without waiting for the opinion of others. In this case the President said the bill is an emergency one for one year, in farness to him we do not have to crucify him for asking in the interest of ALL. The senators have been having things their ways for years without any improvement in the living standard of the majority, why cant we try this for one year and see the difference?

      • Reginald Dandeson

        What? “He has to bypass them to act?” Then, please, abolish this so-called Democracy.

  • Fazona

    He’s already a Tyrant, and a Nepotistic One.. Emergency Powers will make him an Absolute Dictator.

    • DrPak

      Precisely! If he wants to amend Acts he should specify the legal defects and ask for accelerated amendments to each law. It shall be done!
      When he was taking six months to name “noisemakers” he did not ask for emergency powers!

      • Victor

        My brother you are right on point. They should not let him have his way concerning this proposed “Emergency Powers bill”. The bill should be killed on arrival, reason is because he will abuse it considering what we have experienced so far under this government.

      • ChRIS D

        on point!

    • ChRIS D

      i agree no less.

  • folusho faturoti

    This news item is clearly a sponsored piece by those who do not wish Nigeria well. Expect to see more such ‘principled opposition’ in the coming days. If we are not mad people, which of the objectives and even aspects of the bill suggests any form of dictatorship? Yet you will now hear an :outcry’ of condemnation of a bill that seeks to bail us out of our mess, the same thing they have accused him of not fixing. It’s ok o…

    • Tony

      Madness, na small small eim dey start before the mad man enter market. The Bible say that even the devil at times appears as an angel of light. Na so I talk am reach

    • DrPak

      Folusho you are short sighted.
      Why does Buhari need emergency laws to quicken procurement?
      A circular to MDAs to get bypass of the aaCT from BPP from some categories of Projects can solve that.
      BPP is under the President.
      If state cant meet UBEC requirements why not use alternative task-force
      A tyrannic Buhari is just itching to gi back to his military powers. What a shame!

      • share Idea

        Please do not educate them. The same kind of argument were put up then when unimplementable budget of 6T naira was presented, we shouted that Nigeria does not have enough resources to finance it, and we were called names.

        Today same government is talking about not being able to finance the budget because of funds. Please can anybody share a link where this government discussed any project in FEC. If the citizens are kept in the dark about the policies of government, how do they think sponsoring this kind of media propaganda will help the government.

        Simply put, Buhari administration is clueless, and always seeks opportunity to blame others or events for his failures. Nigeria we hail thee

        • HONESTY

          GOD WOULD BLESS YOU and Dr. PAK. “ZOMBIES” are awlays looking for ways to obey their MASTERS. Many Nigerians have become ZOMBIES since the commencement of the ‘UNHOLY FUSION’ called APC

      • A circular in a matter of a written law? Something terrible is roaming round your brain. Which of the Objective did you find dictatorial? FYI, it takes 6weeks for procurement advert to close. It takes another 4weeks for technical and financial bids to open and close. Amongst his reasons, 15% for mobilisation to site is too small; it should be 50%. UBEC ; a lot of the states cannot access its funds, it should be 10% instead of 50%. CAC is a corporate madness in terms of companies registration. It takes an upward of 5weeks to register an organization. Our procurement laws needs total overhaul my friend. You are here spewing ignorance. Log on to the bpp website and get a feeling of how long and cumbersome it takes to get a compliance certificate. This is the CHANGE Nigerians deserve!

        • nigerianunity

          Go and read about Earned Value Management System used in defence industries and progressive countries. You earn as you work as a contractor. The time frame for those procurement advert and bidding are aspect of project management if ignored will herald project failure. It is only an illiterate and criminally minded person that will want to circumvent due process. The mobilisation fee is for the president and his cronies to amass funds quickly for 2019 elections. Buhari quest for emergency economy powers is dead on arrival.

          • share Idea

            Please don’t mind APC e-mob. Has Buhari started any process is diverting or selling off some of the aircraft in presidential fleet as campaigned.

            Buhari requested for 6T budget, that was approved. Can any Nigeria point to one single capital project executed from that budget since then. Buhari will keep jumping from one excuse to the other. Did he need any emergency law in doling out cash gifts to golden Eaglet team sometime last year.

            Which powers, has he been using in doling out all the monies been bandied about by this administration. Nigeria we hail thee

          • You should have saved yourself this dogon turanci and comfort yourself with “In every general rule there’s an exception”. Your EVM systems is for saner societies and it is in theory. We are in a recession bro. And that has been said much in the objectives. I was once a supplier for the UN, and some corporate organisation both home and abroad. I know how things work. I don’t need a second opinion from a nonetity like you.
            On the 15% APG you talked about, that was in the past where Tompolo and his ilks collect 15% and disappear. We know , we have facts. There’s is a precedent Buhari in his at the PTF., 40% mobilisation and work was done in every nook and cranny of this country.

          • nigerianunity

            United Nations supplier and you are making noise. Some are building IT systems for businesses and corporation and they don’t even bat an eyelid. You want Nigeria to be better but you want to use crooked and crude means. Even Obama in sane countries time after time was restrained by Congress and government shut down to avoid reckless abuse of due process which today the US is better for. If Buhari cannot deal with the recession, he should go and sit his ass in Daura and look after his cow. Nigeria needed this emergency approach since June 2015. Did you see how Theresa May hit the ground running. After wrecking the economy for one year three months, Buhari is seeking emergency powers to sink the economy completely. Do you know what an economic mistake will cost Nigeria? It was Buhari’s clueless empty head and lack of policy early into his administrations that sent investors racing out of Nigeria. You people want to loot the treasury through emergency powers and leave it where it was left in 1985 and after Abacha. Buhari has spent 1 year and 3 months basically trying to put together a government. What sluggishness and stupidity, wasting the time of a country.

          • HONESTY

            WEREEEEE!!!!! SHEGE DAN ‘BUROBA! KAI DEGE INA KA PITO? The moneys your god had stolen is not enough, abi? He wants to milked the whole Country dry before 2019 so he can do and undo. He wants ‘ULTIMATE POWER’ to prosecute, jail, and even kill anyone at will. He wants Nigerians to be at his own mercies and lived like slaves in their own God-given Country. GOD WOULD NOT ALLOW YOUR (HIS)PLANS TO WORK. IT IS DEAD EVEN BEFORE ARRIVING THE NASS.

          • Oty

            Which nook and cranny?

        • DrPak

          Oh so you are just reading the Procurement Act…did Buhari as a former Head of State, former Minister, former governor, former Chair of PTF not know about the procurement process? Instead of wasting 6months why did he not start early. As we speak ge has not appointed boards of MDAs what does he need the abridged procurement laws for when the boards that will approve high threshold projects are not in place? Will he become the board of the MDAs?
          Will he be the civil servants that will generate memos and pass them through administeative and financial processes. Even if he gets the finiancial approvals shortened what about impact studies?
          He is just not a proactive person..and instead of defending his guys should help him get experienced advisers..nit jokers and hangers on who add no value. Even the north has many experienced technocrats if Buhari can look outside his family.

          • And who said high threshold jobs are approved at board level? FYI, that’s for ministerial approval and mostly at the FEC. Better get your facts correctly. Your grouse with Buhari was he decided to do things differently from what you are used to, legally. Remember that the head of Buhari’s economic team is a professor of law and he didn’t obtain it through the backyard, so wise up please.

          • DrPak

            Oh Ok…he doesnt need the boards..they are redundant?
            If this team is so come they need emergency laws to execute their own budget instead of kegal loopholes and administratove expediency as well as proactive policies?
            Shows us the strategic policy the emergency laws are aimed at implementing, what are the milestones?

          • isibor

            you are brilliant and very sound. kudos

        • otigbu

          Why is he in hurry, I thought he said he is slow that he does not want to make mistakes, and if he has made terrible mistakes going slowly, then Nigeria is in a great danger If Mr president moves fast or takes a flight on national issues, because his judgement is not reliable thus far.The past government did a lot without building a flyover over our laws.These laws are there to check the executive .The same govt that said there is no quick fix to the economy , are now looking for a route to quick fix the economy.All these experimental approach to issues is the greatest undoing of this government.One major reason while the economy is nose diving is just because Mr president decided to isolate the economic drivers from his economic team . Mr president should know that a tree cannot make a forest.He must build a workable synergy with the nigerian business class.the issue of cooking economic policies in ASO rock and forcing it down on the business class is not helpful to his govt. How many people in his govt have access to foreign investors more than Nigerian business class. Most investors comes through them not govt.So when govt takes an unfriendly stand against the business class then little wonders who will drive their economic policies. You don’t make Nigerians afraid of you just because you are fighting corruption. Am afraid if what is happening in Nigerian business circles continues , these Nigerian business class may be forced to leave Nigeria to settle in other African countries.Buhari did not make money for them nor built their business for them and as such will not fold their hands and watch this government kill their hard earned business

          • share Idea

            Best comment I read in a long time. Thanks for stated the obvious.

          • And with all the economic team we had before , how has that deveoped our economic mainstay? How many Dangotes did we create? What was the ratio of needs as compared to wants in our economy. A country with all the economic team that cannot produce toothpick, tooth brush and bathing soap to satisfy it’s needs, with the abundant iroko trees, palm trees and rubber trees. A country with 448B Naira GDP only on paper, no HCDI haba! An economic team headed by Okonjo, that was borrowing to pay salaries.

          • Ogom

            Because one man wrote exam with pen and failed does not mean the next man should enter exam hall without a pen.


          • HONESTY

            And what would BUHARI Emergency Economic Powers helped us to produce? Can you enlightened us? What helps a Country to grow is good and adequate POLICIES, PROVISIONS OF BASIC AMENITIES, TAX WAIVERS (To encourage small business and emerging Businesses), etc not some UNSCRUPULOUS WICKED Emergency Economic Powers. Get that Mallam.

          • Emeka Ulor

            I didn’t want to intervene but I just need you to know that the major economies in the world do not need more of Dangotes or Bill Gates to have a viral economy, in short, we need more of Aba shoemakers, Computer village, Alaba market and SMEs to make this country great. Dangote has not done us any better, please!

          • HONESTY

            Right on point my brother. God bless you 100%.

      • Mockme

        You are knowledgeable

    • Yunus Chiroman

      I totally agree with you. Couldn’t see any aspect of it as I have read that will make him dictatorial. Why not make the bill time bound

      • seems u missed dx
        ”, without a recourse to the National Assembly”.

        • Victor

          Thanks for taking time to educate this fellow.

      • Judith

        The bill is NOT NECESSARY. He has a supposed able and intelligent team of ministers and advisors to direct and implement all his stimulus projects for the economy. No bill required. No more ONE CHANCE rides for Nigeria,

    • oduduwa

      Now i know some of you are really driven by sentiments and as clueless as the president himself. Why does he need more powers when he has been there for a year and a half without achieving anything? Buhari is a failure and he has failure written all over him, his bad omen and lack of ideas followed our olympic team to Rio to disgrace Nigeria. This tell s you he is bad luck to Nigeria because he has a very dark and bad mind set.

      • zepox

        Even the youths that were doing well before now did not even qualify for the tournament. That’s how bad things have become

        • Olanrewaju Ola

          if you have nothing to say its better to shut up

          • oduduwa

            You will soon realize the mistake you made to support this inept president who has no clue what governance is.

    • zepox

      I didn’t get you at all. Read through the write up before making your comments or better still ask someone else who can read very well to read it for you

    • NinjaK

      I always cry for “educated illiterates” like you…..!

    • Victor

      It seems to me you still live in the past. There are existing laws he is suppose to work with and bring about his desired change. In the event he needs to amend any, he should push for that and as mandated by law, the legislature will look into it in the interest of Nigeria and Nigerians, and not seek any sort of “Emergency Powers” that will make him the alpha and omega in a democracy. That bill should be killed on arrival. He is systematically trying to make the legislature a rubber stamp.