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Goodbye Banjul, I Will Be Back Soon

PENDULUM BY DELE MOMODU   Fellow Africans, I was a guest of one of the incredibly visionary sons of Africa, Mustapha Njie, in Banjul, The Gambia,...

The Rash War against Amotekun 

Amotekun: Acting True to Type

Much Ado About Succession

Imo and the Arithmetic of Injustice


Dreams from My Mother

The ‘Betrayal’ of Asisat Oshoala

The Electricity Tariff Tango

Unending Abductions, Banditry, Killings

The General is Divider-in-Chief

But Where is Dadiyata?

Forward to Planning

Lost Decades, New Decade

New Electricity Tariffs: Questions

The Signs in the Sky

Bulldozing the Sarakis

Crisis and Criticism Fatigue Syndrome

Money Rituals and the Head Hunters

Freedom, Real Dividend of Democracy

Buhari and the Fifth Columnists

Why it is Good to be Fair to All

Unending Lies about Boko Haram’s Strength

Amonationalism at Christmas

Addicted to the Sharing Economy

The Taxman is Coming for You

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