Non-profit Firm Commits to Empower SMEs, Women-Led Businesses

Grooming Splash, a non-profit organization has reiterated the need to empowering MSMEs, clientelles and Women-led businesses to weather the storms of economic hardships in the country.

Speaking at the 13th edition of GROOMING SPLASH in Lagos, Chief Executive Officer, Dr. Godwin Nwabunka, explained the broad reach of the 386 winners, spanning 32 States in the country.

He also noted that the ecosystem of grooming splash has grown over the last 13 years to providing array of grants, individual loans, SMEs loans, establishment of grooming centres and lending platforms for SMEs and Women-Led businesses to improve business climate for young indigenous entrepreneurs in the country.

He remarked that this year’s edition leveraged technology to ensure inclusivity and transparency, further showcasing our commitment to innovation.

The firm also butressed the need to support women in businesses adding that this had led to the establishment of over 600 branches spanning across the 32 states for the past 13 years to provide scholarships, grants for Women-Led businesses to improve their enterprise and bolster the economic strength of SMEs in the country.

The firm also added that the Grooming splash organization would continue to provide digital driven solutions for businesses within its landscape while positing that this would scale up public sector products and parastatals to equip themselves with the necessary.

Also, the 13th edition of Grooming Splash annual event witnessed the emergence of 386 winners spanning across 32 states from the 2024 edition hosted by Grooming People for Better Livelihood Centre. These 386 Winners are Women whom will believe will in turn empower their families.

According to him, “We are committed to support people at the bottom of the pyramid and we started from our small branch to reach out to a single individual. We are having challenges with a few zones affected by insecurity and we hope the government will address the issues concerning insecurity to enable small businesses to have access to financial services and inclusion along our pyramid.”

Also speaking, Executive Director, Programmes, Alexander Enyinnah, highlighted that the 13th year edition of Grooming Splash, was designed to strengthen our bond with clients and enhance brand loyalty. Over the years, our projects have required substantial investments, and we are thankful for the consistent support despite economic challenges.”

On her part, A fellow and one of the Member of Grooming Governing Council, Grooming Centre, Mrs. Ier Jonathan said we are building sustainability for SMEs through our impacts to improve livelihoods and expand our touch points for our clients to access micro credits, grants and scholarships.

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