Enterprise Life Assurance Demystifies Insurance With Digital App

Ebere Nwoji

Enterprise Life Assurance Nigeria has unveiled a new phase in insurance marketing through the creation of a new application tagged, “Advantage Connect App,” which through phone takes an insurance consumer to  an insurance personnel that will guide him aright in his insurance purchases.

The company introduced the app to cover the gap of high level of ignorance of insurance among Nigerians. 

The life underwriting expert said through the app, it would demystify insurance and roll away all roadblocks on the marketing route of insurance industry in Nigeria.

Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer of the company, Mrs Funmi Omo addressing the media on the new application said insurance distribution in Nigeria had dwelt so long on physical footprint leaving behind the challenge on how to take insurance far.

Omo said with digital app like the Advantage Connect, a prospective insurance consumer would be easily taken to a trained and well experienced life planner that would guide him aright in insurance purchasing.

She said the app was designed to create a new digital experience around insurance.

She said being built on geo-location technology like Uber; the app made the interactions between customers, Life Planners, and Enterprise Life quicker; easer, and more convenient where prospective and current customers could connect with the company’s Life Planners for support, financial advisory, and purchase of insurance products in a secured manner.

Omo said the Life Planners had been trained to understand the unique goals, aspirations, and challenges of each customer, and were expected to use their knowledge to help customers craft personalised financial plans that covered key aspects of their lifestyle.

The Life Planner, she said, played a crucial role in enhancing insurance literacy and rebuilding trust within the industry, while serving as a mentor, assisting clients in making informed decisions that aligned with their life goals and contribute to long-term financial stability.

She said the Life Planners were expected to provide continuous support and adaptability, ensuring that financial plans remained dynamic and responsive to changing circumstances.

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