For Good or For Malevolence, Choose

In light of what we had always believed and thought of the United States as a country where no one was deemed to be above the law, the ruling that came down from one of the most powerful and most respected courts in history granting wide ranging immunity to Donald Trump looked very much like placing a bag of cement on one side of the scales of justice, whilst also ringing a bell that sounded like something coming out of a Pre-Magna Carta era.

The King is infallible!

For all intents and purposes, one would assume, one thing that differentiates Homo Sapiens from other species is constant improvement of the species in sophisticated thinking. That ruling was in my view, anything but sophisticated. We might as well call back King George 111 to apologize to him for launching the American revolution. SCOTUS, 2024 will go down in history in as much infamy and derision as SCOTUS, 1857–Dred Scot vs Sanford. In that infamous decision, the Court held Inter Alia, that the US Constitution did not confer citizenship on people of Black African descent. This was even as the decision flew right in the face of those thoughtfully crafted lines: “We hold these truths to be self evident that all men are created equal.”

Let it be known that every decision of an otherwise revered court has ramifications that go deep into the ages. That Dred Scot decision was a huge precursor to the American Civil War that ultimately led to the Emancipation Declaration. It would take another 100 years for Black people to gain full rights as human beings in the signing of the Civil Rights and Voting Rights legislation, 1964 and 1965 respectively.

A future Chief Justice referred to Dred Scott vs Sanford as the Court’s greatest self-inflicted wound. Here’s my prediction—extreme actions breed extreme reactions. I would therefore not be surprised if a future president decides to absorb the Judicial Branch into the Executive Branch and turn into ashes, the age-old doctrine of Separation of Powers. Those who ride the Tiger more often than not end up in the belly of the Tiger.

Question: By this decision of SCOTUS, will the storming of the Capitol on January 6th 2020 go unpunished?

Long live freedom. Long live liberty. Long live common sense.

The Biden Debate Debacle

I wish Biden were not running. Period. But, he is, and no one around him including his wife, his son or any other family member would dare to say anything about it to him. The reason is simple. The aura and glamor of office; Airforce One; The West Wing; The Resolute Desk; The Pomp; The Pageantry—-all of these things are too wondrous to leave behind even for a Two-Term President. We only need to look back in history to see tear-filled eyes of former occupants as they say their last hellos and goodbyes on Inauguration Day. No one should expect Biden to make a decision for the sake of the Democratic Party or for the sake of country. Biden will make a decision for Biden.

A long week for Laymen and Learned Men

And so, a High Court gave a ruling about a pre-election matter concerning delegates of the PDP who went to court to seek redress concerning the violation of their rights as delegates. The case which was filed in February was ruled on just last week, long after the Primaries had been held. This matter has inundated the airwaves since it came down a few days ago. I have read the 38-page document, line by line. As a plain educated man, I have always wondered why Judges specialized in obfuscation. I guess maybe it is the way they are educated—-to obfuscate so that ordinary people will continue to view the Judicial Branch with a sense of mystery. Does the PDP have a duly nominated candidate in the 2024 election or not? The answer seems to depend largely on who is doing the answering. Matters of the law do not apparently fall in the domain of the pedestrian. We await as issues unfold on appeal—or is there no appeal? If there’s an appeal, why is there an appeal?

The Kenyan people Arise

Not since the era of the Mau-Mau in the days of the struggle against colonialism have we heard from the Kenyan people as we have authoritatively in the last two weeks. There is fire in the Safari. Young people are tired. They are demanding that government make a turn-around from catering for themselves to catering for the welfare of the people. Surprisingly, unlike many African governments, the President has responded with grace, class and candour. The people have now won the battle for their true independence from their true oppressors. The story of wastefulness in Kenya by public officials does not come close to the impunity with which our public officials in Nigeria hold the people in disdain. Is Kenya possible in Nigeria? Can Nigeria take a cue from Kenya and self-correct before Kenya comes to Nigeria?

Considering that Gen Zees are united across the world, one would not be surprised to learn that they may already be organizing. For them, poverty stalks their lives as it is, and so, they have nothing to fear as there is nothing to lose. Those that have ears, let them hear.

Hunger stalks the land still

Hunger in the land is real. How the poor feed and what they find to feed on remains a puzzle to solve. What do the poor eat these days? What can we do about it? Are solutions beyond us? Is our desire for greed too much for us to think of how to put out the fire that threatens to burn down everything? Do the rich who live behind steel gates, high walls and electric fences believe they are untouchable? Let us not forget that every rich person has many poor working for them. It is no longer hard for the poor to unite. Everyone has a phone.

The President can do something. Governors can do something. Let’s all face the bush with bulldozers, tractors, hoes, cutlasses, fertilizer and seedlings. Oh, I’m sorry. We cannot do that if we do not first solve the herdsmen problem. Does the 10th Senate have the guts?

Michael O. Ovienmhada.

Author, Poet, Playwright,

and Public Affairs Commentator.

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