H&M Consult Promotes Cultural Heritage at Annual Schools’ Competition

Hands & Minds Consult recently hosted the seventh annual schools’ competition, with the theme ‘Alluring Africa’, in the Amuwo-Odofin area of Lagos.

The event saw participation from over 15 private schools, showcasing the talents of young Nigerians through various competitions like drawing, music and dance.

Distinguished judges for the event included Uncle Sele, a values educator and parenting coach; Joanah Onasanya, a freelance dance and drama teacher; and Jonathan Ekowho, a marketing strategist at Pulse.

Three schools made it to the podium in each category, with the winners, first and second runners-up receiving cash prizes and memorabilia to celebrate their achievements.

Sponsored by Grooming Endowment Trust and Amadeus University, the competition highlighted the creative prowess of students at both senior and junior levels. Schools like Clemmy High School, St. Jude’s Private School, Preserved Generation, and Moral Ville Academy came in first place in different categories.

Laurence Ekpe, co-founder and Managing Director of Hands & Minds Consult expressed joy at the competition’s success and emphasised the impact the annual event has had on the participants over the years.

“Our joy has been the testimonials we get from the schools and from parents of the children who come out tops,” said Ekpe. “The prizes we usually hand over to the winners are nothing compared to the fulfilment that the kids derive from merely being given a platform to showcase their talents.”

Co-founder Mrs. Iziegbe Ekpe, who elaborated on this year’s competition theme, said Nigerian children are oblivious to the richness of African culture because schools do not promote it enough.

She stated, “Alluring Africa was the focus this year because we have realised that many Nigerian children seem to be unaware of the richness of African culture, and our heritage seems to be going extinct, especially in schools. 

“You see schools investing heavily in phonetics; they want their children to speak a certain way, to sound more British, more American, and they’re now forgetting their father’s culture. But we don’t want our African heritage to die. We know that bringing up a child is a communal effort, and we are providing this platform for them to freely express their talents.”

She noted that children find their talents and gifts very early in life. So, the organisation wants to be one of the people providing the discovery platform “to the end that in the future, we would have them say, ‘Oh, it was at Hands & Minds Schools Competition that I discovered my talent’.”

The event featured vibrant performances and creative displays, celebrating Africa’s cultural heritage in music, dance, and art.

Some of the dignitaries, including Amuwo-Odofin Local Council Supervisor for Education, Hon. Bimpe Doherty; a representative of Amadeus University, Joyce Ofua; and the Operations Manager of Grooming Endowment Trust, Michael Adoghe, lauded the efforts of the organiders, saying that they inspire and nurture the talents of young Nigerians, ensuring that the legacy of African culture lives on through the next generation.

Other participating schools were Caleb International School, Christ the King Primary School, Golden Ville School, New Fountain School, Tender Touch School, Ostra Height School, Cedars High School, among others.

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