1,000 Mentees Attend Stability, Sustenance Small Business Summit in Warri

Fadekemi Ajakaiye 

Over 1,000 participants at the just concluded Stability and Sustenance Business Summit in Warri have been enlightened on creating brand identity in order to attract more sales. 

Rejoice Debekeme, a media personality and public speaker, trained the mentees through storytelling and shared experiences on how to package their brand identity running to more customer attractions eventually leading to more patronage.  

At the event themed, small business huge profit, the media personality advised the mentees to create the right packaging for their small business product and services through confidence and focused mindset.

“As a small growing business, you have to be very confident of your ability, product or service in order to present and sell authoritatively to potential customers. Your confidence will create a unique delivery packaging and brand identity that will eventually convince customers to patronize you,” Rejoice explained.

She continued that, “Do you know why the same meal cost differently in a five-star hotel and a roadside restaurant? The answer is packaging and brand identity. It is important that you create that unique identity for your product or service which makes it standout amidst competition.”

Five selected mentees got fifty thousand naira grant each to grow their respective businesses alongside free mentorship clinics by the Stability and Sustenance team led by the founder and entrepreneur-missionary, Melody Fidel Okwuazu.

One of the lucky entrepreneurs who received fifty thousand naira grant and free mentorship opportunity, Egbevwiare Siapkere said, “As an entrepreneur, I have learnt a lot on how to package and grow my business through inculcating the right brand strategies.”

Stability and Sustenance Business Summit is a brainchild of Melody who in the past decade has coached over 10,000 youths physically and virtually on skills acquisition and monetization, disbursed business grants to over 100 youth and in late 2023 got recognized for his youth mentorship with The Future Awards Africa Prize for Service to Young People.

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