NgLabelle: My Desire is to Contribute to Nollywood’s Growth, Expansion

A relatable Nigerian story, Voltage, scheduled to premiere in cinemas nationwide on July 5, 2024, has stirred anticipation among Nollywood buffs following the buzz around the movie. Directed by Fred Amata, the movie delves into a prevalent concern with a satirical lens, exploring its impact on individuals, families, and the national economy.  The producer, Ngozi Ogbonna NgLabelle speaks to Ferdinand Ekechukwu on the upcoming movie, her debut cinema production, promising a blockbuster, and more. Excerpt

What inspired your latest movie?

Well, I just was inspired by the fact that I want to contribute to the growth of Nollywood and filmmaking in general. I have always been there from my teenage age. So, I have always aspired to impact and to contribute. So that has always been my inspiration. And the opportunity came and I grabbed it.

Can you list some cast of the movie?

Voltage has an impressive cast line up including Segun Arinze, Kate Hensaw, Olumide Oworu, Linda Osifo, Kelvin Ikeduba, White Money, Keppy Ekpeyong, Jude Chukwuka, Rotimi Adelegan, Ricardo Agbor, Aaron Sunday, Sunny McDon and a host of others.

What should be expected from the movie?

Voltage, my ongoing movie project is simply a Nigerian story of what happens in Nigeria; how Nigerians weather the hardship and all the challenges they go through because of how deteriorated the economy has become. So, just expect entertainment, expect to be educated, and to be informed on one or two issues that bother the Nigerian society through the movie. It’s a power packed movie that I believe is going to be a blockbuster. The buzz is everywhere right now and I trust God for completion of what He started regarding this movie project, ‘Voltage’.

You are perceived as a young actress cum producer in the industry. Can you tell us more about yourself?

I’m not a young actress in the industry o! No way… I have been here since I was 16. I have done a lot. You cannot talk about any Nollywood movie without one way or the other recounting having me around. I don’t think that is possible; ‘Na we be the old school na’ (laughs). So, I’m not young, probably you should say young in cinema filmmaking, well practically young. But intellectually and overtime, I have been there. I have learnt, I have studied, I have understudied and I have served. So, I’m not young in the industry.

How many movies have you produced so far?

Under my big ‘ogas’, the veterans of the industry that I have worked with, I have produced couple of movies. With Zeb Ejiro when I was working with him as production coordinator, and others. This is my first when it comes to my own production; this is my debut, Voltage.

What is the secret of your success in the industry?

Humility is the secret of the success; constant, consistency, humility, and focus. That’s just the secret. And above all, God and the Grace He has bestowed upon me.

If you have the opportunity to change anything now about yourself in the industry, what will it be?

I would have loved to somehow consistently act in a lot of movies I had opportunity to act because I was behind the scene, have always been behind the scene. Sometimes I cast for movies, sometimes I write scripts, sometimes I co-produce, I coordinate. So, I didn’t want to act. And then the people that met me, some I even casted, some I even auditioned are now big faces that people respect them, people want to see them. They are making so much money. So, if I have anything I would like to change about myself in the industry I would have acted. Instead of remaining behind the scene, I would have put my face out there in the television which I did a little a couple of times. But I would have consistently focused on acting.

What is your next plan after this movie?

I have a lot of plans; I have a lot of movie projects lined up. Immediately after this I’m embarking on the next one.

What is your greatest desire in the industry?

My greatest desire is to gain grounds, make name and impact you know. Bring a change that I desire. We have a lot of issues in the industry; we have a lot of challenges, we have a lot of things going on especially during production that I would love to, if I have the opportunity, change. Then I would like to impact in the lives of people who are looking up to me, who are coming behind. That is my desire; to contribute massively to the growth and expansion of Nollywood, yes.

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