Ten-year-old Launches Book on Unlocking Dreams

Kasim Sumaina in Abuja

A 10-year-old author, Ashezi Akwashiki, has stressed the need for children to read books because they are powerful tools that can transport one to incredible new worlds, even when one’s own reality feels a bit unsteady.
Akwashiki, while highlighting this in Abuja during her book launch ‘Unlocking Dreams’ hinted that books can show one that anything is possible, no matter the background.
The young author explained that ‘Unlocking Dreams’ was not just a book but a key to unlocking the potential within all of us, “particularly young girls like me.”
She said, “The next doctor, scientist, or even president could be hiding between the pages of a book right now, just waiting for someone to open it and unleash their potential. Did you know that millions of children around the world have never even had the chance to hold a book, let alone experience the magic and knowledge within?
“Think about it: that’s a universe filled with potential heroes just waiting to discover their own stories. Here in Nigeria, especially in the north, many children haven’t had the privilege of a normal education due to circumstances beyond their control.”
Speaking further of unlocking potential, she urged people to use the book launch as a springboard to unlock all those dreams together.
“We can build a future brimming with hope, one book and one empowered child at a time. Together, we can create a future brighter than a thousand fireflies,” she stated, stressing that books can show one that anything is possible, no matter the background.

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