Abiodun Faleke: Making His Political Party, Constituents Happy

A course of a thousand feet must begin with the determination to go that distance, then one footstep must follow another until the end is reached. Abiodun Faleke, one of the most distinguished members of the House of Representatives, continues his journey to meritorious public service. As he actively works for the interests of his constituents, Faleke’s efforts continue to make significant strides in improving the lives of those he represents, despite any controversies surrounding his narrative.

Around February, Faleke used an empowerment programme in Ikeja to demonstrate his commitment to his constituents. First, he distributed essential items such as sewing machines, grinding machines, mini-buses, and other tools to over 1,500 beneficiaries. Then, he provided patrol vehicles to local police stations, SUVs to traditional rulers, and ambulances for community use.

These initiatives, despite winning the hearts of the beneficiaries, were only the tip of Faleke’s iceberg of sincere service. What better way is there to start things off than to distribute over 400 minibuses, 103 tricycles, and 315 grinding machines, not to mention the installation of solar lights?

Faleke is an experienced individual in the arts of heart endearment. When his political journey began in 2003, he was only an executive secretary in the era of then-Governor Bola Tinubu of Lagos. But when he was elected to represent the Ikeja Federal Constituency in the House of Representatives in 2011, he quickly became an influential voice on various committees.

His legislative contributions are notable, particularly in the areas of anti-corruption, public procurement, and national security. Faleke sponsored the NYSC Act Amendment Bill, which proposed life insurance coverage for NYSC members, and a bill prohibiting the sale and use of military uniforms to enhance security.

Even though there have been complexities in his political journey, Faleke continues to stand as a bridge builder for the masses. No wonder he remains worthy of praise and commendation.

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