True Girl Power: What Women Can Do When They Come Together

“To go far, go alone, but to go further, go together.” This proverb beautifully encapsulates a groundbreaking collaboration in Nollywood that has not only captivated audiences but also set a precedent for global, women-led initiatives. This is the story of how one woman’s belief in the potential of other women has resulted in the creation of a successful TV series called “Just Us Girls,” funded and produced through an unprecedented global collaboration of women.

The Visionary: Mildred Kingsley-Okonkwo

Mildred Kingsley-Okonkwo is an author, storyteller, and teacher whose influence spans continents. Known for her work in literature and ministry, Mildred is also a creative genius with a profound dedication to empowering women and girls. Her impact is seen globally through the communities she has built, fondly referred to as ‘Tribes.’ These Tribes, present in numerous countries across every continent, are dedicated to transforming women’s lives through powerful narratives and exemplary leadership.

Building Communities and Funding a Dream

Mildred’s vision for empowering women found a new avenue in the production of “Just Us Girls,” a TV series that reflects everyday struggles and triumphs of women. Remarkably, the series was funded through a crowd-sourced effort by these Tribes, making it a groundbreaking collaborative project. Women from around the world came together, pooling resources and talents to bring this series to life. This global initiative not only highlights the potential of collective action but also sets a new standard for crowd-funded media projects.

The Powerhouse Production Team

The execution of “Just Us Girls” is a testament to the incredible capabilities of women in the film industry. The director and co-writer, Temitope Akinbode, has a track record of successful projects and brings a unique vision to the series. Diche Enuwa, the co-writer and producer, is renowned for her work in various acclaimed movies and series. Joy Grant-Ekong, another producer on the team, is known for her exceptional ability to bring projects to fruition with precision and creativity.

The Cinematographer, Amara Jonathan-Akowien, brings a keen eye and unassuming expertise that ensures the visual storytelling is compelling. Set design by OlajumokeOmizegba and costumes by Olatubosun Falomio further enrich the series, creating an authentic and visually appealing world for the characters to inhabit.

Stellar Cast and Relatable Narratives

The series features an impressive cast, including seasoned actors like Shaffy Bello; award-winning Kehinde Bankole; ultra-versatile Omotunde Adewale, popularly known as Lolo; and the radiant Stephanie Coker. Then we have the four leading ladies —Temitope Aje as Jite, Sacha Baker as Dr. Kanyinsola Lawson, Chisom Okonkwo-Eje as Ame, and Keziah Abiaka as Ife— who all bring depth and relatability to their roles. Each character’s journey through personal and relational challenges provides viewers with a mirror to their own lives, offering both critique and inspiration.

A Vision for Transformation

Mildred Kingsley-Okonkwo’s passion for seeing people transformed and reaching their highest potential is the driving force behind her initiatives. She often says, “Women house enormous potential, and my greatest passion is to see them transformed and living up to their highest potential.” This belief is echoed in the ethos of “Just Us Girls,” where transformation is not just a theme but a tangible outcome for both the characters and the audience.

Producer Joy Grant-Ekong shares, “Working on this project has been a profound experience. It’s not just about making a series; it’s about creating a movement that empowers and uplifts women everywhere.”

More than a series

“Just Us Girls” is more than a TV series; it is a testament to what women can achieve when they come together with a common purpose. It exemplifies true girl power, showcasing the strength, creativity, and resilience of women. Through the visionary leadership of Mildred Kingsley-Okonkwo and the collaborative efforts of a phenomenal all-women team, this series has set a new benchmark for global female-driven projects. As viewers tune in to watch the series, they are not just entertained; they are inspired by the transformative power of women united in purpose.

This is the story of true girl power—where collaboration, creativity, and community come together to achieve the extraordinary.

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