Huawei Seeks Support for Cloudification, Decarbonization among Partners, Customers

Global ICT giant, Huawei, has expressed satisfaction with the Nigerian government’s digital transformation agenda, even as the company canvassed support for cloudification and decarbonization among its partners and customers across the country.
Speaking at the Huawei Nigeria Partners Connect 2024 held in Lagos on Friday, the Managing Director of Huawei Nigeria Enterprise Business Group, Terrence Wu, observed that countries all over the world are talking about the digital economy and its implications for GDP growth.

“When we see the digits of the growth, we can easily find out the digital economy is growing rapidly. It is two times the regular GDP growth in most of the countries. Also, when we look at Nigeria, we have seen a lot of progress, especially in the Ministry of Communication, Innovation and Digital Economy. Despite multiple uncertainties globally, digital economy has become the main engine of societal development and ICT is at the core of digital economy,” he said.

Wu further noted that in the process of digital transformation, “no company can do it alone. Partners understand the industry and customers demand. Huawei has corresponding ICT technologies and solutions. We need to complement each other’s capability to jointly facilitate digital transformation. We expect that by 2028, partner-led project delivery will reach 90%. Huawei will incentivize partners to a tune of $15M annually.”
He then commended the Federal Government on its effort to promote technology both for the public and private sectors as evidenced in its transformation witnessed over the last few years.

“We are seeing a very aggressive target in the next few years that the government is setting for the country, not to mention one of the hottest topics across the world, which is AI after the Chat GPT launch last year,”.
He stated that green energy or decarbonization was also getting more and more priority globally including in Nigeria adding that Nigeria has the target of achieving zero carbon emissions in 2050. “As Huawei, we are also committed to this cause and currently, there are over 100 Huawei solar plants in Nigeria with capacity of over 30MW.”

Also speaking, Director, Enterprise Delivery & Service, Huawei Nigeria, Zhang Mi disclosed that Huawei has remained at the forefront of promoting research and development to tap the potential in the technology space.

According to Mi, the company has over 23% of its earnings on R&D alone in 2023 and the company is the World’s 2nd highest investor in R&D. Huawei is also one of the world’s largest patent-holding companies with more than 45,000 validly granted patents worldwide, and over 90% of the patents being invention patents.
“Through the investment in Research and Development in the past few years, Huawei is able to sustain our leadership and our leading position in the technology.” he said.

He added in the past 24 years, the company has been through a lot of journeys, overcoming a lot of difficulties while at the same time discovering a lot of potential in different industries.
He stressed that despite the opportunities in the oil and gas industry for Nigeria, digitalization holds a huge fortune for the country given the path and progress already seen.

“And how we can achieve this, of course, we need to embrace the latest technology, including the cloudification, decarbonization, and the digitalization. And how we are able to deliver all these kinds of technologies to our end users is through our partners. More than 90% of our solutions and equipment and services, we believe, we hope, to deliver all through our partners to the end users.

In his remarks, Executive Product Manager of Huawei Cloud Business, Paul Adigu who spoke on the topic titled “Unlocking a Brighter Future with Partners through Empowering Benefits” noted that the Huawei Cloud system has evolved tremendously, contributing its part to impact the business ecosystem of its partners.

According to Adigu, the Huawei Cloud system has assisted partners in growing their revenues.
“Our partner ecosystem has grown significantly from 31,000 to 41, 000 partners in the last few years while developers have experienced an increase from 4 million to 6 million. Our target is to grow 1,000 start-up communities in Nigeria,” he said.

In her remarks, Senior Channels Sales Manager, Huawei Nigeria, Dr. Happiness Udoh explained that Huawei remains the most preferred as far as data storage on All Flash Array (AFA) is concerned globally stating that it is the only storage with highest market share.
She disclosed that Huawei will continue to offer incentives to its partners in order to strengthen the relationship between them.

“We are also willing to give more incentives to our partners who is going with Huawei in this journey. We are going into the commercial market as well as the run-way market, which we haven’t really put a lot of attention and resources in in past few years. So, I’m quite happy to say that after last year’s trial, we are seeing the progress, we are seeing the potential in Nigeria market. That’s why we have made up a decision that we need to continue this investment.
A Gala Dinner and Awards Ceremony was also held as part of the event. Awards were given out to select Huawei partners for their excellence in partnership and contribution in 2023

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