‘Poverty, Lack of  Opportunities,  Major  Causes of Insecurity in Northern Nigeria’

Kemi Olaitan in Ibadan 

A chieftain of the All Progressives Congress (APC), Ambassador Abayomi Nurain Mumuni, has identified poverty and lack of economic opportunities as the major causes of insecurity in Northern part of the country.

Mumuni, who was the gubernatorial candidate of the defunct Congress for Progressives Change (CPC) in Lagos State in 2011, made the declaration in a statement by his Media Aide, Rasheed Abubakar.

He said a multi-faceted approach is required to tackle the problem, stating that government must invest in economic development projects, create jobs and ensure infrastructural improvements. 

The author of “Global Terrorism and Effects on Humanity”, added that other things to be done include introduction of social reforms, strengthening of security forces, community engagement and empowerment of women and youths in the region. 

He listed what he described as potential solutions to the problem to include economic development, social reforms, strengthening of security forces, community engagement and countering extremism.

Others are addressing governance issues, international cooperation, empowering of women and youth, rehabilitation and reintegration and continuous monitoring and evaluation.

The statement read: “In terms of economic development there are many instances, poverty and lack of economic opportunities have contributed to insecurity in the region. By investing in economic development projects, job creation initiatives, and improvements in infrastructures, the government can help alleviate poverty and reduce the likelihood of individuals turning to violence as a means of survival.

“In the area of addressing governance issues, corruption, weak governance, and lack of accountability have undermined security efforts in the region. Strengthening institutions, promoting transparency, and improving access to justice can help build trust in the government and address grievances that fuel insecurity.”

Mumuni stated further that the problem requires a comprehensive approach that combines security, economic, social, and governance strategies, noting that by tackling the root causes of insecurity, promoting sustainable development, and fostering inclusive and peaceful societies the country can work towards a future where all individuals in the Northern part can live in safety and prosperity.

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