Anambra Abducted Man Regains Freedom, Recounts Ordeal

David-Chyddy Eleke in Awka

An Anambra State indigene, Mr. Linus Chukwuma, who regained freedom after being abducted on last Friday by the people he identified as Fulani youths, has recounted his experience in the den of his kidnappers.

He said the incident happened in Ukwulu, a town in Dunukofia Local Government Area, of Anambra State, within the state capital of Awka.

THISDAY gathered that Chukwuma regained freedom, after his friends formed a WhatsApp group and made donations which amounted to millions of naira, which they delivered to the kidnappers.

Recounting his experience, Chukwuma said: “I was with my close friend and colleague, Tony Anigbobu, in his Sienna van, alongside another of our female colleague driving back home from the office, unknown to us three hoodlums (Fulanis) had perfected plans to attack us. They jumped out from the bush at Ukwulu (the leader with AK 47, the other two with a stick and cutlass).

“The group leader flagged us down, and the two boys hurriedly jumped into our vehicle and dragged Tony and I out and straight into the nearby forest.

“Then began our journey into the kidnapper’s den at the thick Ukwulu forests. We trudged for more than 30 minutes inside the forest before we stopped and were blindfolded with clothes and our hands tied as well. We were beaten like common criminals and asked not to cry or they would waste us.

“Around 8p.m. on the same Friday night, they moved us away from the forest to another location where we spent the first night in captivity. But before we slept, they asked Tony and me to call our family and friends to arrange for N60 million ransom each or they will use the money for our funerals.

“These criminals will always tie my face and hands during the day and untie my face at dusk, while my hands were permanently tied during my days at the den.

“The emotional and psychological trauma can better be imagined than experienced, and I cannot even wish my enemies what we passed through in the hands of these criminals.

“I sincerely appreciate members of this platform for their tremendous support and solidarity. The rare gesture will be remembered by me and my family forever.”

There have been cases of kidnap along Ukwulu road by persons identified as Fulani herdsmen. Another victim, a lady, who was recently kidnapped alongside her husband, but refused to be named, said the kidnappers always rape their victims, irrespective of their gender.

Meanwhile, Anambra State Governor, Prof Chukwuma Soludo, has been called upon to rise up and rid the state of criminal elements.

Mr. Christian Eze, an indigene of the state, said: “Those people did not start terrorising that road today, it’s just that it has become more often these days. These people rape our women and men alike. People in that area no longer visit their farms.

“I don’t want to believe that Soludo has not heard stories of the atrocities of these people. He needs to act fast. There is anti-open grazing law in our state, what are nomads doing in our forests?”

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