Wofai Samuel participates in YALI LL Design Charette in Rwanda

The United States Agency for International Development – USAID, is partnering with Arizona State University – ASU International Development Initiative, to implement a USAID $80 million award to empower Africa’s youth through the Young African Leaders Initiative Legacy Localization (YALI LL) Project.

Over 150 stakeholders from participants drawn from the YALI RLC Alumni Community across various countries in Africa, YALI Regional center staff in four centers across Africa, heads of Higher education institutions, YALI LL, partners from the United States Agency for International gathered in Kigali, Rwanda, for the YALI Design Charette, to Explore ways in which YALI Africa will be sustained and build consensus around its governing and organizational structure.

In a statement released to the media, Ms. Wofai Samuel, an Alumni of YALI West Africa, Accra, stated that the Project is informed by the U.S.-African Leaders Summit held in Washington, D.C. in 2022, where His Excellency, President Joe Biden administration announced new and expanded initiatives to empower African institutions and people.

Excited about the implementation, Wofai said that YALI was among the U.S. Government Exchange Programs the White House renewed its investment in.

I remain a perfect and committed advocate for propagating the initiatives and financial investments of the Government of America in empowering African Institutions and people, whether it is in the area of humanitarian work, social, economic, or otherwise.

It is my second time in Kigali, Rwanda, and I am so excited to have been chosen to represent Nigeria in this Dialogue. Three other counterparts were also picked from Ghana, the Gambia and Liberia.

This medium avails me an opportunity to express my gratitude to the Chief of Party, YALI RLC, West Africa Accra, Dr. Esi Sey, whose leadership continues to empower innovation among alumni communities and create networking opportunities. Her administration has been visibly beneficial to YALI RLC Alumnus across West Africa, especially with activities like the Annual Homecoming, many of us have gotten to interact with people from other regions, met USAID Officials, won grants and funding, amplified our work and voices through the RLCs media pages amongst others. I am also grateful to Nii Tackie-Otoo of YALI LL and Joyce Ogesi for their unflinching support throughout our engagements in Kigali”.

“We are thrilled to be working with Arizona State University as we continue to provide young African leaders, both men and women, the opportunity to have an impact on their communities, their countries, and their continent,” says Denise O’Toole, acting YALI coordinator for USAID/Education and Youth Division Chief USAID.

In a statement, Dr. Esi Sey stated “the platform will build on YALI successes at the four YALI RLCs located in Ghana, Kenya, Senegal, and South Africa under an umbrella organization called YALI Africa”.

“There is no way to work through any issue in Africa, whether it’s health, food, climate, without considering and understanding how youth are going to factor in. It’s a thread running through all African issues and discussions, the end goal is a program designed by Africans, led by Africans, supporting Africans”, Stephen Feinson, Managing Director of the International Development Initiative in Arizona State University mentioned.

At the Design Charrette, Ms. Wofai Samuel was selected as a member of the YALI LL Roadmap Advisory Group. This Group is tasked to deliberate on potential countries where YALI Africa can be situated and provide inputs on a governance structure for YALI Africa including its constitution according to the outcomes of the deliberations on the white paper presented at the Design Charrette.

The Alumni Panel focused on the Impact on YALI on Africa’s Youth and the potentials for the future. Samuel participated in this panel alongside a few other Alumni, and further engaged in the USAID YALI Impact video stories from Alumni.

Samuel is listed as one of the Top 100 Career Women in Africa for 2024, by 9to5 Chick.

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