Empowering Lifelong Learning: Alison’s Impact in Nigeria

Bayo Akinloye

In the bustling landscape of Nigeria, where access to quality education can often be a challenge, one platform is making significant strides in breaking down barriers and opening doors to opportunity. Alison, the world’s largest free online learning platform, is on a mission to democratise education and empower learners across the globe, including Nigeria.

With over 5,000 free courses, including certificate and diploma programmes, Alison has become a beacon of hope for millions of learners worldwide, transcending financial barriers and providing access to invaluable knowledge and skills. In Nigeria alone, Alison has made a profound impact, with impressive statistics reflecting the platform’s reach and influence.

In the past 12 months, Alison has seen a remarkable engagement in Nigeria, with average 410,091 students, 113,417 enrolments, and 14,607 course completions. These numbers underscore the platform’s popularity and the growing demand for accessible and quality education in the region.

Among the diverse array of courses offered by Alison, several have emerged as favourites among Nigerian learners. From the ‘Diploma in Caregiving’ to ‘Fundamentals of Quality Assurance’ and ‘Working as a Virtual Assistant’, learners in Nigeria are embracing opportunities to develop new skills and enhance their professional prospects.

A recent survey conducted by Alison sheds light on the motivations and outcomes of learners across the globe. The primary objectives for studying at Alison include personal development (41.50%), upskilling (30.64%), finding employment (21.86%), and seeking promotions (3.91%). Moreover, the benefits reported studying at Alison include personal growth (66.48%), finding new job opportunities (6.17%), getting promoted (2.76%), and receiving salary hikes (0.92%).

Additionally, the survey reveals valuable insights into the learning habits of learners, with 17.75% opting for one course, 50.55% enrolling in two to five courses, and 31.71% undertaking five or more courses, highlighting a strong appetite for continuous learning and skill development. For more information about Alison and its initiatives in Nigeria, please visit http://www.alison.com.

These statistics underscore the profound impact of Alison’s initiatives in Nigeria, not only in providing access to education but also in catalysing personal and professional growth for learners across the country. Through innovative learning resources, impactful partnerships, and a commitment to lifelong learning, Alison is paving the way for a brighter and more empowered future for Nigerian learners.

As Alison continues to expand its footprint and reach in Nigeria, the platform remains dedicated to its mission of providing accessible and quality education to all. With a focus on inspiring and empowering learners, Alison is poised to make a lasting difference in the educational landscape of Nigeria and beyond.

Alison’s edge
Alison is the largest free online empowerment platform globally, offering over 5,000 CPD-accredited certificate and diploma courses alongside a suite of impactful career development tools—all at no cost. Since its inception in 2007, Alison has empowered more than 40 million learners and graduated over eight million individuals across 193 countries.

Its platform equips learners with essential career tools like a career guide, workplace personality assessment, mental wellbeing assessment, resume builder, an affiliate programme and a learning management system (LMS)—all provided free of charge. Additionally, course creators can publish custom courses with Alison and earn an income.

Alison’s commitment to providing free education to all, coupled with its diverse array of resources and user-centric approach, makes it a leading platform for lifelong learning and professional development.

What Alison provides
Free Learning Resources: Over 5,000 certificate and diploma programmes are offered at no cost.
Psychometric Assessments: Free assessments to identify natural aptitudes and professional strengths, including a mental wellbeing assessment for self-assessment.
Career Development Tools: A free resume builder adhering to industry standards; a public profile for talent showcasing; and an affiliate programme for revenue generation.
Learning Management System (LMS): A free LMS used by over 2000 businesses worldwide for upskilling and monitoring employee progress.
Accessibility: Access courses anytime, anywhere with concise, self-paced courses via the Alison mobile app.
Flexibility: self-paced courses, limited bandwidth usage, and global subject matter expertise.

Global Expertise: Access courses designed by subject matter experts worldwide
Diverse Learning Opportunities: Courses covering a wide range of topics, from business and technology to healthcare and soft skills development, serving working professionals, students, and perpetual learners across various career stages and goals.
Enhanced User Experience: Features like the study reminder tool, and course retake options promote effective learning.
Personalised Recommendations: intelligent algorithm-driven recommendations for tailored learning paths and career progression.
Opportunity for Growth: Learners can retake courses and assessments, fostering perseverance and mastery.
Tailored Learning Paths: Recommendations align learning objectives with desired career trajectories, accelerating career aspirations.

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