IBEDC Partners SIPTEO to Crack Down on Energy Theft 

Kemi Olaitan in Ibadan 

The Ibadan Electricity Distribution Company (IBEDC) Plc, has assured of its commitment to intensify campaign against energy theft within its network area. 

The Chief Key Accounts Officer of the distribution company, Mr. Johnson Tinuoye, who made the disclosure in a statement, said IBEDC will do this in collaboration with the Federal Government Special Investigation and Prosecution Task Force on Electricity Offences (SIPTEO), to actively pursue investigations and legal actions against individuals and businesses involved in energy theft.

According to him, IBEDC identified and recorded over 1,459 cases of energy theft between January and February 2024, stating that these cases include various offenses such as meter bypass and illegal meter tampering resulting in significant financial losses amounting to hundreds of millions of naira for the company.

He maintained that the escalating figures have prompted a strategic partnership with SIPTEO,

a federal government agency dedicated to expediting the investigation and prosecution of offenders within IBEDC’s franchise.

Tinuoye emphasized that under the Electricity Act, energy theft is now recognized as a criminal offense carrying severe penalties including imprisonment. 

He stated further that two individuals were apprehended for stealing energy through meter bypass and illegal connections, noting that their cases have been formally charged to court for prosecution.

“We want to send a clear message to our customers that energy theft will not be tolerated. Our collaboration with the Federal Government Special Investigation and Prosecution Task Force on Electricity Offences underscores our commitment to ensuring a fair and just electricity distribution system. Energy theft not only undermines the integrity of our operations but also deprives IBEDC of the revenue necessary to provide quality services to our customers”, Tinuoye said.

He urged customers to refrain from engaging in any form of energy theft, emphasizing that the consequences can be severe, as there is no room for negotiation with the SIPTEO task force team which is actively patrolling and investigating instances of energy theft for prosecution. 

He added that for more information or to report instances of energy theft, customers are encouraged to contact the customer care line at 07001239999 or visit the company’s website www.ibedc.com

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