House Rejects OVH Acquisition Probe Report, May Begin Fresh Investigation

Juliet Akoje in Abuja

The House of Representatives, yesterday, rejected the report of its Ad–hoc Committee that investigated the circumstances surrounding the acquisition of OVH Energy by NNPC limited.

The House Ad-Hoc committee was mandated to Investigate the circumstances surrounding the acquisition of OVH Energy by NNPC Limited, the irregularities and alleged corruption in the Nigeria energy security provider, NNPC Retail Limited and the Acquisition of OVH Energy Marketing.

The report was then stepped down and the motion by Hon. Ibrahim Isiaka to shift the responsibilities of the investigation to the House Committee on Petroleum Downstream was then voted on and adopted.

Chairman of the Committee of the Whole, Rt. Hon. Benjamin Kalu, then called on the House committee on Petroleum Downstream while conducting its investigation to be mindful of the the real issues on irregularities, corruption, and integrate due process and report back to the House in 4 weeks.

The Committee when asked if the details of the takeover and management of the company was in relation to NNPCL, the reply was that the committee could not truly verify.

Kalu further asked if financial manipulations and fraud were truly uncovered by the Ad-Hoc committee, it was then revealed that the report was not signed or contributed to by any other member of the committee except the chairman.

Hon. Awaji Abiante during his remark stated that members did not have the report to consider, only recommendations, adding that they needed to have the report to be able to make informed decisions on the matter.

Isiaka also stated that evidence showed that thorough work was not done by the Ad-Hoc committee as the timeframe was short for it to be thorough in its investigations. He proposed that the work be transferred to the House committee on Petroleum Resources Downstream for a more thorough job to be done.

Furthermore, Hon. Philip called for caution in adopting the report as it would be akin to the House either acting in ignorance or in coalition to cover up heinous acts and making the House look as an accomplice to this mega National fraud.

He called for thorough investigation and prosecution of the perpetrators of the crime.

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