Richard Pryor’s Daughter Visits Nigeria, Launches Multimillion-Dollar Film Project

As 2023 paves the way for 2024, Nigeria’s prospects continue to glow. The film and movie industry, Nollywood, is the latest to benefit from this amplifying fortune. With Rain Pryor, daughter of Richard Pryor, the Hollywood legendary actor and stand-up comedian, this industry is on its way up.

Nollywood, like the Nigerian music industry, has gone international. While the elevation of the music industry is evidenced by a growing global regard for Nigerian music acts, Nollywood is catching the eye of many international film masterminds. The latest is Rain, an A-list Hollywood actress who hopes to get together with her Nollywood counterparts in a multimillion-dollar film project.

According to the reports, Rain has contacted several competent film producers in Nollywood. These include filmmaker Bola Atta and arts consultant Chike Nwoffiah, both of whom will assist Rain and maximise the effects of her being the Director and Executive Producer for the film.

In the blueprint for the film project, Rain will act alongside Odunlade Adekola, a well-loved Nollywood actor. According to her, Odunlade’s expertise and broad range of character experience make him the perfect fit for one of the main characters in her film. This means that Odunlade might have to shuffle between Lagos and Osun states, as well as Maryland, USA, where the film will be shot.

Rain’s goal is to enhance cultural tourism. She is completely smitten with Nigeria and Nigerian culture, evidenced by her adopted Yoruba name, Osunyemi Oriomodun. Given that the country and her people have what it takes to attract someone like Rain, it would be odd if the rest of the world is dazzled into awe once the film gets out in 2025.

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