OAU Catches ‘Wura’ Fever as Season 2 Premieres on Campus

The buzz at Obafemi Awolowo University (OAU) was undeniable when the cast of ‘Wura’ graced the campus on Thursday, November 30 for the second season premiere.

As they arrived, students, initially curious, erupted into excitement upon recognizing their favourite characters Tumi (Martha Ehinome), Dimeji (Casey Edema), Jeje (Ray Adeka), Mide ‘Cobra’  (Lanre Adediwura), Iyabo (Ego Iheanacho), Kanyinsola (Modesinuola Ogundiwin) and Ewa (Tersy Akpata). The resulting frenzy saw a sea of students screaming and enthusiastically taking selfies with cast members. 

Inside the amphitheatre, where the series was screened, the atmosphere remained electric. Enthusiastic students filled the hall with sounds of joy and appreciation, creating a memorable experience for the cast.

The premiere, which doubled as a lively activation, had students actively encouraged to sign onto Showmax, with enticing prizes awaiting them. Adding to the entertainment, the screening featured students engaging in a vibrant hype contest with the cast, as well as a brief melodious performance by Ego, creating an atmosphere that went beyond the typical premiere experience. 

 ‘Wura’ Season 2 promises intensified drama with Fola uncovering Paulina’s deep-seated vengeance and Kanyinsola persisting in her mission to bring down Wura. Ehinome, who plays Tumi, hinted at revealing different dimensions of her character to the excited crowd.

“The story is getting intense and you will see different sides of Tumi.” 

Surprisingly, the show’s popularity has extended to even younger audiences eagerly anticipating the Season 2 premiere on Showmax on December 4. Adapted from South Africa’s ‘The River,’ ‘Wura’ revolves around Scarlet Gomez’s portrayal of Wura, an ambitious woman in the gold mining industry with a ruthless edge.

With 100 episodes, airing four times a week from Monday to Thursday, ‘Wura’ Season 2 continues to capture diverse audiences with its compelling narrative and engaging characters.

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