Allow Fubara to Concentrate on Governance, Ijaw Youths Warn Wike 

Sylvester Idowu in Warri

The Ijaw Youth Council (IYC) has advised the Minister of the Federal Capital Territory (FCT), Nyesom Wike, to allow the Rivers State Governor, Siminalaye Fubara, concentrate on the development of the state without further distraction.

IYC maintained that Wike should leave Fubara alone, warning that Ijaw youths will no longer tolerate more attacks on their kinsman by the FCT minister.

The spokesperson of IYC worldwide, Ambassador Binebai Yerin Princewill, at a press conference weekend, said the Ijaw youths will always stand to defend and support Fubara, an Ijaw man, who has within six months of his administration, brought good governance to the state.

“IYC will always stand to defend and support Governor Fubara who has within six months into his administration as Governor of Rivers State demonstrated a high level of productivity in the governance of Rivers State. He is handling the state better than he met it,” IYC said.

The group noted that since Ijaws played a prominent role in the creation of Rivers State, it would no longer tolerate any abuse or intimidation of the ethnic group by the former governor and now the Minister of FCT.

“It has become imperative we sound this note of warning to Mr Wike because the Ijaw people are tired of tolerating his continuous abusive and undermining shenanigans towards the Ijaw people of Nigeria who have benevolently offered him nothing other than the name and fame he is enjoying politically today. 

“He (Wike) started his onslaught on our traditional rulers in Rivers State by referring to them as ‘small boys’,  ‘living fake lives’ and moved forward to abuse our revered Ijaw National Congress (INC) and the Ijaw Youth Council (IYC) by asking thunder to fire them. 

“We as a people would no longer tolerate his unprovoked display of hate and anger towards the Ijaw people. It is our advice that Mr Wike jettison whatever plans he has to disrupt Fubara’s tenure as Governor of Rivers State. Just the way others ruled their tenures without any issue, Fubara should be allowed to rule his people peacefully,” the group said.

IYC also advised members of the Rivers State House of Assembly to jettison whatever plot they are hatching against Fubara but rather work with the governor in harmony to bring about peace and development to the state.

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