Testicular cancer: Comedy Central announces return of  ‘Novemballs’  campaign

To raise awareness about testicular cancer among men, Comedy Central has announced the return of its award-winning cancer-awareness campaign, Novemballs.

Comedy Central, the brand that makes life funnier, and always strives to tell the funny truths, is taking the opportunity to spotlight the importance of “taking care of your balls”. 

To this end, the organisation is teaming up with the Cancer Association of South Africa, CANSA, to bring Novemballs, a testicular cancer awareness campaign to educate men about lowering their cancer risk.

Speaking on the development, Vice President of Comedy Central, Dillon Khan said:  “Novemballs is a campaign we get excited about every year as we use humour to encourage men to check their ‘Gonads’, as we are calling them this year. We’ve had fun working on this campaign and hope that it will inspire men to look after their crown jewels because they are priceless.”

Also, the CANSA National Manager of Health Promotion, Lorraine Govender said, “CANSA is excited to partner with Comedy Central to educate men about lowering the cancer risk. Early detection of testicular cancer can save lives. In South Africa, it’s one of the most common male cancers in men between the ages of 15 and 49. Most testicular cancers can be detected early – a lump or swelling may be the first sign that a medical practitioner should be consulted. Young men need to start testicular self-examinations soon after puberty.”

 “And we encourage men to reach out for counselling and support through our website.  It’s as easy as making an appointment via our CANSA help desk, it’s free and confidential. You don’t have to deal with this alone.” instructions on doing a self-examination for more information.

Govender urged Africans to join in spreading awareness, embracing humour, and making a real difference in the fight against testicular cancer.

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