Stakeholders Pledge Support for Poultry Farmers in South-west

Dike Onwuamaeze

Stakeholders in the poultry industry have pledged to collaborate and support farmers in the South-west with modern equipment to maximise farmers’ income.

The stakeholders, who attended a three-day Nigeria Poultry Show in Abeokuta, Ogun State, noted that poultry farmers needed the support of government and private sector to succeed.

The Executive Director of Tech and Sales, FACCO West Africa Limited (Poultry Equipment), Mr. Femi Adelayo, said that the use of well-built poultry equipment would save farmers some cost that would arise from incessant repair of equipment.

Adelayo said: “We want to ensure that Nigerian farmers have the best quality available in the market in the best affordable price; all this ultimately is for Nigeria to be able to feed itself and to grow in food production.

“FACCO is over 40 years in Nigeria; it is one of the leading brands for poultry equipment in Nigeria. Primarily what we do is that we add value to the farmers by providing quality equipment that last many years.

“We constantly continue to work on improving the quality of our product and find solution for farmers to be able to afford quality poultry equipment.”

He added that the organisation was also into training and education of farmers on modern farming technologies. “We collaborate with the other players in the industry, we ensure that we improve the quality of services and find solutions that are best for the farmers

 “If you have a well-built farm even if things are not going well for sometimes but the equipment will still stand the test of time, unlike low quality equipment which would get spoilt because it’s not been used for a while,” he said.

The chairman of the Poultry Show, Dr. Olalekan Odunsi, disclosed that 113 exhibitors from various poultry value chain industry were present, which increased from the 80 participating exhibitors that participated last year.

Odunsi said: “This year event has shown that our expectations will be met, looking at the participation of different agricultural stakeholder from different countries and Nigeria.

“Also the presence of government officials from all the six states in the South-west geo political zone is a good sign that the poultry industry in no time, all our demands will be met.”  

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